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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by TwoRightFeet, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. TwoRightFeet

    TwoRightFeet Active Member

    I'd appreciate any help in coming up with suggestions for French music (particularly with lyrics) to play at a French-themed ballroom party (standard/smooth/rhythm/latin).

    So far, I have:

    - Waltz: Plaisir D'Amour - Nana Mouskouri
    - Waltz: Le Long De La Seine (Song From Moulin Rouge) - French Flavours
    - Waltz: Bon Soir - Placido Domingo
    - Foxtrot: Solitude City - Les Forbans
    - Viennese Waltz: Les Valses De Vienne - Francois Feldman
    - Viennese Waltz: Aux Marche Du Palais - Nana Mouskouri
    - Tango: Plaisir D'Amour - Cantavano and his Orchestra [No lyrics though]
    - Rumba: Paris - Karen Souza
    - Samba: Chez Les Ye-Ye - Boogalox
    - West Coast Swing: Mademoiselle chante le blues - Patricia Kaas

    Merci beaucoup.
  2. kckc

    kckc Active Member

    Ce Si Bon comes to mind. There is a ballroom cha cha or rumba version out there somewhere- surely someone will know where to find it.
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  3. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member

    Rumba: Et Si Tu N'existais Pas - Joe Dassin
    Viennese Waltz: Sous Les Ponts/Ciel de Paris
    Foxtrot: Juke-box - Dimie Cat
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  4. bia

    bia Well-Known Member

    I expect you know already, but if not -- the casa musica website has a search option for "French vocals". They seem to have 30-ish French songs for each of standard and latin.
  5. legato

    legato Active Member

    you could try some selections from carla bruni:
    quelqu'en m'a dit - vw
    l'excessive - a super slow fox
    i love, love, love dancing to french music, your party sounds great...
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  6. TwoRightFeet

    TwoRightFeet Active Member

    Thanks for the suggestion, although I haven't been able to find that option. Are you referring to the site? If so, could you tell me how you found that search option.
  7. smidra86

    smidra86 Active Member

    Love valses de vienne :)

    Tango: in-tango by in-grid
    Waltz: (its a little slow but you can speed it up) Je suis malade by lara fabian
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  8. Mr 4 styles

    Mr 4 styles Well-Known Member

    Dany Brilliant has all sorts of standards in french i tunes
  9. bia

    bia Well-Known Member

    On the left side of the main page, click on "Download-Shop". Then on the left side of the new page, click on the style or dance you want. It will give you a list of downloadable songs, with a box on the top to "Narrow your selection," which includes check boxes for vocals in various languages.
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  10. VTDancer

    VTDancer Member

    Mon coeur n'est pas un numero - Album: Comme Ca, Atrist: Marie Elaine Thibert
    It is a great Viennese Waltz.
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  11. Miss Silly

    Miss Silly Well-Known Member

    Rumba (american): "Is te suffisait que je t'aime" - Charles Aznavour
  12. ACtenDance

    ACtenDance Active Member

    La Mer, Chantal Chamerland - International Foxtrot
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  13. VTDancer

    VTDancer Member

    If you want Merengue and just fun stuff try the album Medley Tropical by La Compagnie Creole. They are very popular in Montreal.
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  14. TwoRightFeet

    TwoRightFeet Active Member

    Found it. I had no idea that feature was there. Thank you so much.
  15. middy

    middy Well-Known Member

    Madeleine Peyroux's J'ai Deux Amours is a nice really slow foxtrot but has a really long intro

    Rufus Wainwright's Complainte de la Butte from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack - Viennese

    Amelie Soundtrack has a couple tracks you could probably use. I think one version of La Valse d'Amelie is a Viennese.

    I think there's a French language version of Beyond the Sea, as well.
  16. suburbaknght

    suburbaknght Well-Known Member

    Argentine - (Tango) Princesse - Julie Zenatti
    Cha Cha - Je Veux te Voir - Yelle (warning: do not play this if anyone speaks French)
    Foxtrot - Les Femmes - Yelle
    Foxtrot - Le Chat Noir - Frenchy and the Punk
    Peabody (quickstep?) - La Voiture - Dimie Cat
    Rumba (American) - C'Etait Toi - Billy Joel
    Samba - Post-it - Dimie Cat
    Viennese - Le Festin (from Ratatouille) - Dance Charts Step 5
    Waltz - Parlami d'Amore Mariu
    West Coast - Le Ballet - Celine Dion
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  17. londongal

    londongal New Member

    Le Feuilles Mortes (Autumn Leaves) - Andrea Bocelli cover - I've seen it used for Rumba or Int'l Foxtrot.
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  18. smidra86

    smidra86 Active Member

    Samba: Ma fiance, elle est partie.
  19. leee

    leee Well-Known Member

    Part Un
    Zbigniew Preisner - "L'amour Au Premier Regard" (from my favorite film, no less)

    Yann Tiersen - "Bagatelle"

    Yann Tiersen - "Plus d'Hiver"

    Alizee - "J'ai pas vingt ans"
  20. leee

    leee Well-Known Member

    Et maintentant, Part Deux!

    Barbara - "Septembre (Quel Joli Temps)"

    Alizee - "J'en ai marre!"

    Alizee - "Moi Lolita"

    Alizee - "A Contre-Courant"

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