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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by Pacion, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. JohnEZ

    JohnEZ New Member

    Hmm... quirky.

    1: I hold an incredible amount of useless information. My grandmother seems to think I should stand on a corner with a box of random facts selling "Data-2 for $0.50."

    2: I am incredibly clumsy... I could trip over the flowers in the rug.

    3: I simply can not do any work in a messy room, yet I am a very disorganized person.
  2. luh

    luh Active Member

    i love recieving letters, hate to write them,
    but if i do, they get around 16 pages long, (so never ask me for a letter if you don't want to read 16 pages of my boring life! :D)

    sucked my thumb way to long, and now I'm still putting pens and pencils in my mouth and chew on them, especially when i sit:oops:

    i always have to do something with my hands, love to use a biro, and annoy everyone around me with it.

    have to have always music around me, even if i want to take a nap, or want to do homework, just all the time

    I'm sure there is more, but i can't remember it
  3. quartertothree

    quartertothree New Member

    ok, i saw this post earlier today, and i decided to take a few hours to think about things and then come back to the post. so here is the master list (its long, you've been warned):

    --I cant remember anything from my history book, but after more than 5 years, i can remember every word to any backstreet boys song, even down to the arrangment.(i'm not exactly proud of this one, very ashamed actually, but i was young and impressionable, so you'll have to excuse me) :oops:

    --I wont eat meat, and the thought of Jello makes me sick. not really sure why though. If I am putting away groceries, and i have to touch the meat to put it away, i wont do it, someone else does. I dont know why , i just cant.

    --I'm a potato junkee. Scalloped, baked, fried, tater-totted, I like em.

    --When i'm at school, I always have to be writing something. i'm always jotting down lyrics (usually frank sinatra or showtunes or something), but i hate taking notes.

    --I'm perfectly fine having clutter in my room, but if i decide to straighten up one little thing, i have to pick up EVERYTHING untill its spotless.

    --I am full of random information, espectially movie facts.

    --I can link any actor to any other actor (usually). its like "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon" without the Kevin Bacon. Its insane how intricate these things can get, you have no idea. its a great talent to have really.

    --If there is a towl hanging over the top of the shower that keeps the shower curtain from closing all the way, i get really annoyed.

    --I get uncomfortable talking to people around my own age sometimes, but i have no problem talking to people a lot older than me.

    --Its too much hastle to subtract things, its much faster to just count up.

    --I took German in school, but then switched to Latin, so now when i conjugate latin verbs, i automatically translate from english to german to latin.

    --I was definatly born in the wrong decade, i should have been a 40's kid.

    I told you it was going to be long, wow, i'm very very flawed.
  4. Rosa

    Rosa New Member

    Welcome, quartertothree! :D

    OK, if this one's being revived, I'm joining in:

    I am always late. I'm not proud of it, and it annoys the heck out of my nearest and dearest, but that's just me. Late.

    I often don't reply to emails or phone messages from friends (much as I love them) for ages :oops: Then I start getting emails saying things like "Rosa, I'm worried about you! Are you OK?" and I feel so guilty I make an enormous list of people I want to contact and spend an entire day phoning and emailing just to catch up.

    I'm not good at distinguishing left from right. Yet I'm a first-class navigator and I can read a map upside-down with ease.

    I love to go outside in the middle of the night and look up at the stars and ponder the vastness of the universe (most of all in Spain, where the nights are warm and clear...)

    Rosa :)
  5. LindyQuest

    LindyQuest New Member

    Me neither! I've always driven people crazy when they ask me directions to somewhere, because I have to physically stand up and turn my body the way the street goes, so I can tell if I'm supposed to go left or right.

    Other quirks:

    - I hate going down escalators. Up, no problem. But I won't go down an escalator unless there is absoletely no other way to go downstairs. When I was in 7th grade I had to be physically lifted onto an escalator by some helpful shoppers so I could go downstairs to catch up with my about embarrassing...

    - I can read and write upside down.

    - I keep all my clothes in my closet facing the same direction, with different sections for each category of clothing.

    - I don't like different kinds of food to touch each other on my plate, but I make exceptions for certain food (like turkey, mashed potatoes, and corn are allowed to be mixed up).

    I know there's probably more, but I can't think of them right now...
  6. kansas49er

    kansas49er New Member

    I never answer the phone if I am home by myself. I always let the machine pickup. ALWAYS!
  7. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Me too, unless I have caller id and see it is a friend. :cheers: :)
  8. Mitra

    Mitra New Member

    Oooh, always got to love quirks, its what makes us human ^_^

    -can't touch chalk, the dryness or any really dry matter drives me insane

    -i always look at my caller id before answering, if i even answer it atfer looking >>

    -i can't have posters that have people's eyes or mirrors in my room, or at least within the main path of where i walk in my room

    -all my food on my plate has to stay separate and i only eat one after another, never start on one without being done with the one before it first

    -i chew on my lips when i am reading, really trying to get over that one, my lips have bled at times from it ><

    Yeah, I'm an odd duck ^_^ But most of my habits I have slowly been weaning off of.
  9. Tenshi_no_Pocky

    Tenshi_no_Pocky New Member


    Are you sure you even wish to know? lol :lol:

    Well... let me see... something you may not know just by reading my comments... uhh...

    - I aspire to soon go into fighter-training for Loch Cairn. (coreographed battle scenes with swords... won't get to fight with a real sword for several years... for now its all fake but made to entertain and I get to wear armor and a crotch piece! lol) The crotch piece worries me because depending on design.. it can feel reeeaaallly awkward. I can't seem to get used to some.
    - I think dead things are cool, poke it with a stick! tee-hee I like gore galleries to ... studying how other cultures treat their dead and such. Nothing bad because it is a beautiful thing.
    - I eat sushi... LOVE IT! squid, octopus, and such... love it all but one thing... I CANNOT STAND SEA URCHIN! I prefer jellyfish over sea urchin anyday. lol
    - And the only thing that gets me reaaalllyyy mad... is when a person is so judgemental that they won't even talk to another person due to differences or misunderstandings. If they give a chance, different story... but if no chance is given, it just makes me mad.

    I think that is about it....

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