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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by jenn, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. dancin_feet

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    Quite possibly may have been that we did other dances other than salsa. Could have given us the reputation of not being hard core (which we aren't) and kept people away from us. Don't know. Snobby - definitely. We thought it strange that people could dance only salsa for hours on end, but we didn't judge them to be lesser than we were. We actually quite enjoyed watching! But we just couldn't penetrate into the crowd. We've now given up and just go to less crowded clubs and dance with each other. At least we get looks of appreciation from the freestyle clubbers!
  2. David

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    I think Sydney is quite tough for a male newbie. Most of the guys I know will happily have a dance with a newbie salsera and have some fun, where as a number of girls are less happy to dance with a newbie salsero... indeed I have seen some flat-out refuse (thankfully this doesn't happen often, but it makes me cringe every time it does). One thing I have come to notice is that a newbie has their best chances by approaching either other newbies, obviously I guess, or the really good dancers, which can be an incredibly daunting prospect I know.

    To move back on topic... I generally don't mind going out either by myself or with others, although if it's to a place where I probably won't know any body then I prefer to go with a group.
  3. MacMoto

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    Welcome to DF -- I can definitely relate to your forum name! :D
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    Almost never in a large group. I used to go with friends, but most of them aren't as addicted as I am. Occasionally, I'll meet a girlfriend or two there because we dont' hang out much. In general, though, by now, there is always someone I can hang out with, so I prefer going solo.

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