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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by pygmalion, Apr 23, 2006.

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  1. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    nice nice... :)
  2. cornutt

    cornutt Well-Known Member

    I learned all of my British English from these very reliable sources:

    * Monty Python
    * Are You Being Served
    * The Young Ones
    * Absolutely Fabulous

    So, of course, my British is impeccable. :p
  3. reb

    reb Active Member

    Your training far exceeds mine - I grew up on The Avengers

    NURDRMS Well-Known Member

    Y'all are all much better off that I am. I grew up speaking Southern so have to translate everything into American English before I can begin to make the conversion into British English! :p But I have to admit, "Just a flesh wound" is one of my all-time favorite lines!
  5. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    well. this is One Happy Brit: just heard that my chair was renewed for 7 years. Thats 7 years salary plus.... well, plus all sorts of 'infrastructure'

    Now if only I could figure out how to convert it all to dance lessons and gowns.... I could be in Blackpool in 2 yrs..... hmmmm...

    There'll be some celebrating here tonight - anyone want to come over?

    hugs to all!!
  6. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    molti congratulazioni, elise!

    <<popping open virtual bottle of veuve cliquot...>>

  7. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    thanks sam. I really so happy right now I could cry. What am I saying, could.... In the same three minute period that I received that news (by e-mail) I was invited to give a talk in Alabama and also heard that a symposium I had proposed for Montreal in 08 was accepted. How can that all happen by chance? its like good fortune had a serious case of constipation. Bad fortunte, on the other hand, has been quite regular.....

    Oh, its not the good widow, its a bottle of Anderson's that I bought at the vineyard in Napa in 1996. Last of its kind (who knows, maybe the vineyard doesn't have any). Anyone here from San Fran?

    Will go surprize some friends later...
  8. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    oh man, girl... just tickles me to hear this. very infrequently experienced & expressed. it isn't my joy, but your happiness has made my night, elise. :D

    have fun celebrating!
  9. elisedance

    elisedance New Member


    [many, many years ago, my son's version of cheers - still works!]
  10. Twilight_Elena

    Twilight_Elena Well-Known Member

    Ah, The Avengers... What a movie. Love it, really.
    Elise, lots and lots of congratulations! :D:D:D Seven years... wow. Seven happy years ahead. Seven is quite the symbolical number, isn't it? I wish you the very best. Lots of gowns, comps and great shoes, too!
    As for updating the exciting saga "I Have A Cold!" (which I'm sure kept everyone up all night): The meds work! I took a Sudafed and the sneezing and nose blowing has almost stopped. Bad thing is, my nose feels very dry and I've completely destroyed the skin because of the constant blowing and wiping. Here's hoping I'll feel better tomorrow. My spirits are up now that I've found meds that work, which means I can go to the team trials! Hurrah!
    Elise, it seems like some DF fairy has blessed us!
  11. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    I will certainly wave a wand to that!
    To your nose and my chair!!

  12. meow

    meow New Member

    Wow. Congrats. Glad that all the hard work paid off!!! Now, how do we get together to celebrate? Swim?:friend:
  13. DWise1

    DWise1 Well-Known Member

    Oh, yeah, they did do a nostalgia movie.

    Not sure how long the TV show ran in the UK ( says 1961 to 1969). I think Patrick MacNee was in it all the way through as John Steed, though I hear that his character started out as a hatchet man and became more of a sophisticate over time. He made a cameo "appearance" in the movie as the invisible agent giving the movie Steed his briefing.

    They went through a number of female leads starting, I believe, with Honor Blackman (flash from Steed had a male partner first season, a Dr. David Keel, and Honor started in the second season, 1962, as Cathy Gale; second season also mentions a Dr. King). After two seasons, Blackman left the show for a movie career, starting with her role as ***** Galore in "Goldfinger" (1964), as was replaced by Diana Rigg as Emma Peel, who stayed on for three seasons, after which the female lead went to Linda Thorson as Tara King in the seventh and final season. Emma Peel is the best known and most loved of the three and Tara King the loved, with Cathy Gale mostly unknown in the US.

    It was after Diana Rigg started that the show began to be aired in the US around 1966. The only airings of the Honor Blackman episodes in the US that I'm aware of were on a cable channel around 1990.

    There was also a "New Avengers" series with Patrick Macnee out of Canada around 1980.

    Best lines off the top of my head:

    Steed upon sampling a rosé wine: "I like a wine that bites back."

    Two bad guys:
    "How did you bind him up?"
    "With old school ties."
    "Good. It'll be impossible for him to free himself."

    One woman in WCS class had commented that we're about the same age, but people tend to mistake me for being about a decade younger than I am. I was shocked to discover that she had never heard of "The Avengers".
  14. meow

    meow New Member

    And what about Aussie English? Anyone understand that, other than fellow aussies? Fair dinkum mate, is that true blue?
  15. Twilight_Elena

    Twilight_Elena Well-Known Member

    I'll admit I've only seen the movie. And although the reviews were, as it seems, very bad, I enjoyed it. :rolleyes:
  16. DWise1

    DWise1 Well-Known Member

    Uff da!

    I remember in PBS' "The Story of English", most of the native English speakers had to be subtitled to be understood. And the Aussies weren't the worst.

    Recently saw "Hot Fuzz", a comedy involving police in a small English village. They went out to question a local farmer. The farmer could only be understood by the old local constable, who repeated what he heard to a much younger local constable, who relayed the translation to their sergeant from London.
  17. DWise1

    DWise1 Well-Known Member

    Don't know what British TV programming is like, TE, but if they show reruns of old shows you might want to keep an eye out for it.

    Or else rent it some time on DVD. Emma Peel was seasons 4, 5, and 6.
  18. LucyDiamond

    LucyDiamond Active Member

    I took a hip-hop class last night and, wow, it was fun! I'm going to continue with the class.
  19. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    Must be one heck of a work out... Looks like something that could be fun in a party too - since you dance solo rather than as partners (I assume that's correct - never tried it...)
  20. LucyDiamond

    LucyDiamond Active Member

    I prefer not using the term "work out" :wink: as work outs are usually not fun for me and hip-hop is definately fun. What I noticed is that the upper body is used much more in hip-hop than other dances I do, which is a good thing for me. I have strong legs and could definately improve my upper body. Also, the upper body tends to be going in a different direction than the lower body, which is probably going to be the hardest part for me.
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