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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by MissyK, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. luh

    luh Active Member

    that's the best :D It seems tough for those people who are trying and trying, and probably disappointing when nothing happens.
  2. cornutt

    cornutt Well-Known Member

    The thing you have to remember, as my brother keeps reminding me, is that muscle and connecting tissue are a lot denser than fat. A person who exercises will be heaver than a person of the same body dimensions who doesn't. If you are slim, and then you start exercising, you will gain weight -- but it's all good, since the weight gain is muscle mass.

    I haven't lost any weight specifically from dancing, but it does help me keep my weight under control. In part, that is from dancing taking the place of physical activities that were a lot less enjoyable (e.g., working out at a gym), and therefore lot less likely to occur on a regular basis.
  3. macha

    macha New Member

    It was a pleasant "side-effect"... Just for kicks, I stepped on the scale and saw I was down fifteen.

    I just thought "huh. well, I'll be damned. Guess I can go find THAT DAGGUM MARZIPAN BAR NOW THAT THE STORE'S OPEN that I've been without for THREE DAYS!"

    I was jonesin' for awhile there... I wonder WWFD (what would FOAMY do?)
  4. Medira

    Medira New Member

    Hehehe! Call it an artist's rendition of the way things used to be. ;) It seems like it was a different lifetime.
  5. macha

    macha New Member

    Just a quick sidenote before I go get that marzipan:

    Have you noticed how you can be a certain size and think you look awful, but there are people out there you KNOW are bigger or similar to you, and wear things you think look REALLY nice on them, and that THEY are really pretty people? Is that called "body dsymorphic disorder"?

    A friend of mine and I are always saying, "Look at her- now see that? that' s so cute! Why can't we.."

    But is it that we ARE... and just don't REALIZE, or..???

    Anyway- lunchtime. Gotta get that almondy pastey goodness.
  6. DanceMentor

    DanceMentor Administrator

    I've known quite a few people tell me they lost weight. I had one student who came to me after being bedridden for over a year due to a terrible disease. She could barely walk, and could only dance for about 10 minutes before having to sit down. Two years later, you would never know there was anything wrong with her, and I would estimate she lost at least 50 pounds.
  7. luh

    luh Active Member

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
    @macha, let's go and buy some marzipan. As longer as you are talking about, as more hungry i get. do you know marzipan bread?
  8. Medira

    Medira New Member

    I was in a similar position, actually.

    I was in a car accident which resulted in serious ligament damage around my spine. The damage goes from my shoulder blades all the way down. Because of that, I was bedridden for 6 months and went through numerous tests to see if I needed surgery or not. They eventually decided to try physio and rehab first. After a year and a half of that, I was finally cleared to start a semi-normal exercise routine. The first thing I did was started ballroom dancing. I figured it would have less impact on my back than the other forms of dance I used to do. Once my metabolism kicked in, the weight I gained from being completely useless started to drop off fairly quickly and my stamina improved like you wouldn't believe. I still play it pretty safe, but I'm beginning to push more and more toward my goals. :)
  9. DanceAm

    DanceAm New Member

    Since I started dancing, over 50 lbs. Went from a 38 in waist to a 31, had to buy new slacks last weekend for my 25th Reunion. Yes, I was noticed for how good I looked and later for how well I danced. Sometimes reunions can make up for depressing high school years.

    Not bad since I was a 30 in waist in High School and College.

    It wasn't just dancing, it was working out progressivly harder, eliminating fast food from my diet. Salads are not as good for you when you load them down with stuff. My favorite food, Pizza, I eat it once a month rather than once or twice a week.

    First, try harder to get in better shape and better health, then after a couple of months of maintaining your weight and getting in the groove of regular activity, then eat smarter. No starvation diets or eliminating one type of food like carbs, sooner or later you will crave that food and start eating it again. It is time to change your life, not diet for a few months then stop, you have to redevelop your eating habits.
  10. luh

    luh Active Member

    i never considered a diet. It was just a nice side affect, which i like :)
  11. yola

    yola New Member

    yep, lost weight too. but in all fairness, it wasn't strictly dancing. I quit drinking alcohol, started eating healthy stuf, lot's o salads, vegetables, started running in the morning and doing excercises etc... so i quickstarted my metabolism i guess. lost about 18 kg (over a 3yr. period), gained a lot of energy!
    i actually was worried that the losing weight wouldn't stop!
    sadly i'm a bit lazy, so i stopped excersizing :oops: for about a year. And at the same time i danced less too because i started teaching. so now some of the kg have come back... :evil: :evil:
    have to get back to my routine now, as i probably will be performing in september... :bouncy: :banana:
  12. luh

    luh Active Member

    that'd be too much for me ;) I just do dancing. That's enough.
  13. Katarzyna

    Katarzyna Well-Known Member

    I think one might but won't necessarily loose weight dancing. The body will get more toned though ...
  14. lujan

    lujan New Member

    I've lost approximately 2" off my waist line in 6 months of dancing, maybe more. I noticed yesterday I was tightening up my belt an extra 2 notches just to keep my pants on :D I still weigh the same, but its more muscle and better toned.
  15. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    All the peopel I have EVER known who have danced salsa have said they've lost weight dancing, even the already-skinny girls! 8)
  16. G809

    G809 Member

    I think competetive latin or standard are different from salsa in this respect. When you go out to dance salsa, you get lots of cardiovascular exercise, sweat a lot, and are moving your body most of the time. When you practice for competition, you dance some of the time, but spend a lot of the time working on technique, lines, and steps. That's not as much of a cardio workout, though it is a muscular one, so I think that's why people may not always lose weight (though they will tone up!).
  17. Katarzyna

    Katarzyna Well-Known Member

    Precisely :wink:
  18. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    That's why I said salsa. 8)
  19. hepcat

    hepcat Member


    I lost about 30 lbs in about 9 months. I was dancing about two and a half nights a week to fast swing music. I went from 180 to 150. However, I moved after that and didn't have as much opportunity to dance and the music was on average slower, so it wasn't as much of a work-out. I hovered between 160 and 165 for a few years until last year I decided to start working out because I was going to be in a show and I wanted to do the aerials with a better dynamic and now I'm back down to under 150. That's from dancing 1.25 times a week and working out a little over once a week (half hour on the bike and various lifting). None of my pants currently fit. I used to have a 34/35 waist and now I've got a 31/32 waist.

  20. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    That's great, Hepcat! :D

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