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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by DanceGeek, Jun 13, 2012.

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    if you weight he costs you will incur with an electronic solution, you would probably have better results renting floor time or just finding a 'place' to do it... like a gym or an unused classroom or such. The floor fee goes to the studio which is good and you get a real floor and area with a sound system...
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    Merged threads :)
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    Thought I'd just pass along a few recommendations we recently discovered for those who might have an interest.

    Recently been rehearsing on basketball courts, which are, surprisingly, only slightly larger than full-size ballroom competition floors. Music is problematic. We bought 2 pairs of Phillips SHB4000WT/28 bluetooth headphones and a KOKKIA i10 bluetooth "splitter" for iPhones. (We base our music on iPod Touch's.)

    This is a fantastic combo. The headphones are over-the-head, feather-weight, comfy, and you can easily yank them off for serious conversation. Overhead turns have not been a problem. They even come in 2 colors so you tell them apart. Sound is fantastic and we also use them for casual listening. Also, either partner can advance/rewind/pause music from convenient buttons on the headphones, and each can adjust their own volume. Of course, I can always control them from the driving iTouch in my pocket. Love these things!

    Although we haven't tried it, I think these would also work well in studios where you just wanted your own music. They're pretty good at blocking external noise, and although probably not as good as tight ear buds, IMHO they are a WHOLE lot more comfortable and convenient.

    Also decided to upgrade our practice room speakers. (We don't practice in a studio, but rather in facilities where we have to provide our own speakers that we have to carry with.) Bluetooth worked so well in the headphones we looked at BT speakers. After listening to a whole bunch, we found the Logitech Boombox (984-000181). This unit puts out amazing sound for a smallish speaker! Head & shoulders above all the rest. Loud with great base which helps in picking up the beat. Since it's bluetooth, I can control it from the iPod Touch in my pocket! (Habits die hard in the ballroom -- I still start walking to the speaker to change something!)

    Anyway, hope this helps somebody.
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    Im sure this product is available but not sure what you call it or where you can find it. I would like to practice latin where my partner and i can listem to the same music seperately with headsets so we dont have to play the music out load. i guess the player need not be portable but it would help if it was a small device. anyway help suggesting where i can find such a device
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    Hi ballroomdancertoo. I remember some older threads with people trying to find a good way to be able to play music on two sets of wireless headphones, but I don't recall that anyone found a real solution. I could be wrong, and maybe there was a good solution. Did you try searching for past threads, maybe with the key word "headphones" or "speakers"?

    It always seemed strange to me that, with all the technology we have, no one had a good way to do perhaps someone has figured it out!
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    When there are multiple lessons going on at the studio, our teacher gives us bluetooth headphones that he controls with his ipod. I don't know the specific models he uses

    ETA: One caution -- in case you're tempted to try one partner with wireless headphones and the other carrying the ipod with wired headphones, we've found that the music isn't synchronized that way.
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    Use a dual-stream bluetooth transmitter with 2 bluetooth headsets. You need a dual-stream xmitter to stream the music to 2 different headsets. (You can only pair one headset to a standard bluetooth xmitter like the ones in iphone, ipod, smartphone, etc.)

    Here's one dual stream xmitter: bluetooth transmitter

    We use this one with my iphone. Fantastic range that covers even the largest comp floor:

    After trying many different headsets, we like Rocket Fish bluetooth headsets. Available in Best Buy for $60 and I got some one year for 50% off. Great headphones that stay on with even the most violent movement.
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    I'll add to be careful that you don't inadvertantly buy bluetooth *receivers* instead of transmitters. That doesn't work terribly well.

    Err ... so I hear.

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    There is such a device ( its been out over 10 yrs ) cant remember its name .
  11. Joe

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    Because the Bluetooth needs to be converted from analog to digital, transmitted, then converted back to digital, there is lag in the Bluetooth music.
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    thanks for the suggestions guys! i thought about a laptop with bluetooth capabilities but to have two bluetooth headsets in sync would be the easiest approach. as far as the lag i wonder if it will be a factor. is it really that different? anyway, thanks again for all your suggestions.
  13. Smooth Dancer

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    Using the BT splitter I described in the first link above keeps both headsets in sync. If you haven't read that link yet, please do, since we are really happy with that setup.

    However, if you are not iPhone based you'll need the other splitter mentioned above which accepts input from any headphone jack. I haven't tried it but reviews were good. You could of course use the headphones in our setup, although the ones recommended above look nice too.
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    You get an echo effect so that the partner with the bluetooth is about a half beat behind the person who is wired. It doesn't really work; I tried it.
  15. ballroomdancertoo

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  16. Smooth Dancer

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    Just to be clear, I assume the "doesn't work" applies to when one receiver is through BT and the other through some other means. This makes sense because the BT connection seems to have a time lag. However, the Kokkia i10s bluetooth splitter produces no echo effect -- the two headphones (both bluetooth) are in exact sync.

    This splitter was also referenced above. I could only find 2 splitters, this Interphone and the Kokkia. The Kokkia (which I'm now using) is specific to the iPhone (iPod touch), works well, and has the advantage of letting either use control the music (pause/fwd/rew) from their headset. The Interphone works from any device that has a headphone jack but cannot remotely control the music. I actually bought both, but kept only the Kokkia since it was the best solution for my iTouch. I didn't try the Interphone, but it was small and should work well if you don't have an iPhone.
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    If there aren't any big sources of interference, a FM transmitter and two radio receivers works. Make sure you turn the power up on the transmitter to get enough range.
  18. Smooth Dancer

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    Done this too! I found directions on the Internet for soldering a 2-foot wire antenna on a Belkin transmitter which gives it great range. But the headset receivers were either expensive, bulky, or involved (YUK!) wires. Still, technically it worked. One advantage is that an instructor can be a third person to the music.

    But, like Bluetooth much better.
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    thanks missed that part for the interphone. I dont have ipod or iphone, only a laptop. do you know if the interphone will accept two different bt devices or it has to be the same manufacturer? it appears that it was made for motorcyclist to communicate with their backseat riders. does that mean you can talk to each other as well or am i missing something here.
  20. Smooth Dancer

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    I would certainly assume that it would transmit to different devices. However, the devices may have to be of some minimal version of BT. (Such was the case with the Kokkia.) Check the manufacturers website or email them.

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