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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by Yliander, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. Yliander

    Yliander Member

    Hi hoping some Aussies will be able to help me

    I am now living in Melbourne and in need of new shoes - Supadance Latin Sandals 1413 to be exact.

    Am having trouble finding shops that stock ballroom shoes - there is Boyles but am looking for other options

    surely there is more than one shop in a city the size of Melbourne
  2. Dancebug

    Dancebug Well-Known Member

  3. mummsie

    mummsie Member

    Boyles is about the biggest. I live in Brisbane but our teacher buys all the shoes for our studio from Boyles and gets them shipped up. I actually buy my supadance shoes direct from Supadance in the UK. The price works out much cheaper than buying them in Oz. If you go to you can order direct. This is for the London shop. There is another shop in Sheffield but I can't find the link. The shoes are the same price but the postage is half what the London shop is. The shoes usually arrive within the week to 10 days. Gayle in Brisbane
  4. desidirata

    desidirata New Member

    You could also try which is a Sydney (I think) based shoe retailer who sell Supadance shoes throughout Australia, you could try emailing them, I think you're looking to pay around $170+ for latin shoes, or if you can wait, why not wait until the Aussies (Vodafone Arena)and buy some shoes there where you can try them on.
  5. Yliander

    Yliander Member

    Thanks for all the advice - sadly I can't wait need them saturday week. Didn't think I would have this many problems finding a shoe shop in Melbourne - lead alone getting the specific shoes I want.

    don't need to try them on as i know the style, colour and size I need it's my third pair of them.

    Looks like I might have to get the variation that Boyles have on offer - they told me that style 1413 is no longer being made and that 1403 is it's replacement.
  6. Yliander

    Yliander Member

    their website is STILL under construction *sigh*

    may just have to check that out anyway :wink:
  7. swingmaster

    swingmaster New Member

    Yes Boyles is the shop most people seem to know but a friend refered me to a dancestore in Monbulk in the Dandenongs. I bought my ballroom shoes from them and they seemed to have a great range of ballroom, latin and heaps more.I found the lady there was very helpful. They also had a good range of dancewear at very reasonable prices. I don't think they have a website but I'm sure you could find a phone no. in the phone book but the name of the shop is Dancewear Central but it has a sign Monbulk sporting dance and leisure out the front. It is a little out the way but well worth the consider, I'm very happy with my shoes and only paid $120. Cheers hope this helps.
  8. BasicsFirst

    BasicsFirst New Member

    Don't give up. I've been told repeatedly that my favorite pair of Supadance shoes are not being made either. But I have no trouble getting that pair so long as I ordered it plenty in advance. The rep at the vendor's stall tells me they custom make the pair every time I order it (he apparently sees it go through every year - or there abouts).
  9. mummsie

    mummsie Member

    We still order direct from Superdance in England. Much much cheaper than buying here locally - as long as you know your size and what you want its a much better option. - mummsie
  10. SwingWaltz

    SwingWaltz New Member

    Try Dancewear Australia, they are located on the second floor or Ritz Ballroom.
    Alternatively DanceSport International, they are located on the ground floor of Star studios.
    Alternatively go to any large social studio and ask them for orders etc.

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