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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by BanaramaLlama, Jul 11, 2012.

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    Hi BL, welcome and congrats. Many a fighter ended up as a dancer. I know so many dancers that started with MA. Dancing is kind of an extension. But keep in mind: you can only do one of them if you want to do it right!

    But there is a problem. Almost everyone can learn to fight, but the ability to dance is sparsely found. Has someone already told you that you actually can move to music? Dancing is an acaustic art in the first place, not a visual one as fighting.

    Concerning time: as said above: you only can do either of it. Make a decision.
    Concerning money: As you have leaned to fight without money, so you will have the opportunity to dance without money. Go out to the park and you will find enough guys to train chi-sau or even san-shou with (this is the case here in summer, anyway), and it is all the same with dancing. Go out and meet the guys in the traffic-free zones and malls. Or if you like partner dance spend a night in a salsa, swing or tango club, get addresses, find friends, find a clique and peer group. It is possible to learn without money. But only if you are addicted, lets say mad about it. Nothing half-hearted, learning to dance must be a new chapter in your life, remember when the bride started to train with PaiMai. It will be much harder, because you also need social skills.

    You have to find a role model. Here is one (though he is an academically trained traditional ballet dancer). He lived next door to me and he opened my eyes for this new continent long before I actually did my first step on the dance floor.

    Hear him talking
    and then write an email

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