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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by mellody43, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. redhead

    redhead New Member

    Noooo! :shock: That's the point - nevr control top! Go for sheer to waist (or high-cut panty). And yes, nude (I don't even think I've seen black ones). They're new and difficult to find, I hope they don't discontinue them... I better go & buy 10 pairs tomorrow :tongue:
  2. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Just to clarify for everyone, we don't even mind if you post the URL in your thread, i.e, we just request that actual links to commercial sites only be placed in the Ads and Webs forums.

    Thanks all, for helping us keep the DF focussed on quality information and free of commercial interests.
  3. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Leggs transparent control brand is both sheer to waist and control top in the same stocking. 8)
  4. redhead

    redhead New Member

    Oh... And can you move OK with control top? Do splits and stuff? I like Victoria's secret hose because you don't really feel it on your body - but it's pricey. Leggs feel almost like that.
  5. mellody43

    mellody43 New Member

    LOL. Splits? I can't even do splits *without* pantyhose. hehe!
  6. Genesius Redux

    Genesius Redux New Member

    Hey, Mellody? I just want to say I bet you have really nice legs--so don't be self-conscious! :D

    Sorry to interrupt your girl talk.... :wink: [/i]
  7. mellody43

    mellody43 New Member

    LOL! :shock:
  8. mellody43

    mellody43 New Member

    Minor update:

    I wore little short things under my dress and went barefoot -- HELLOOOOO BLISTER! Just one -- though I think a second one was in the works. I was a bit cooler overall.

    Now my question is:
    How to prevent blisters when your feet go commando?

  9. Genesius Redux

    Genesius Redux New Member

    Hey Melissa-

    Nice "new" avatar! :wink:

    Believe me blisters are not just an issue that women face. The other night I went out salsa dancing and was in my rhythm shoes from 8 in the evening until well after 2 am. The next day I couldn't wear shoes at all!

    But after just that one day I was fine. So I'm thinking if you can avoid wearing heels--or maybe wearing shoes at all--for the next day, you may be fine. The nice thing is that the longer you stay out and the more you drink, the more time your feet will have to heal because you'll linger abed a little longer.

    And may I just register my unapologetically male approval of the bare-leg look. Skin is so much nicer than even the finest fabric! :wink:


  10. mellody43

    mellody43 New Member

    If I can get my legs to stop glowing like a full moon, I will be happy. =)

    I swear, I could hear werewolves howling!
  11. Genesius Redux

    Genesius Redux New Member


    You sure those weren't good old fashioned wolf calls? Owwwwoooooo! :wink:
  12. tj

    tj New Member

    Or maybe just her sunny disposition? :wink:
  13. mellody43

    mellody43 New Member


  14. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    It's important that one feel good about oneself, as it shows. On a night that I am on top of the world my partners have a ball. On those nights I'm not feeling so good my partners overall reaction isn't as ecstatic. If you want to cover your legs, wear a veil as you are a Muslim....or for any other reason...go right ahead!! Often people are more consicious of their so called defects then others even notice.

    I've noticed that if I count the chunky dancers and skinny ones and see which ones are better dancers I will have better chunky dancers then skinny dancers. Just a personal observation from my area.

    Nice avatar mellody43! Good to see you's beeen a while. :)

    By the way an interesting topic. Now when the girls whom I hang out with when I go dancing start talking of runs etc I can pop them a suprise. I've already done that with dance shoes because of those dance shoe threads. They seemed a little suprised that I knew more about ladies dance shoes and the pros and cons when I never wear them. And as I'm not into shopping. :)
  15. mellody43

    mellody43 New Member

    Thanks Sagitta! :D

    I'm sure nobody noticed my neon legs except me.

    I know what you mean about confidence though -- sometimes you feel like your confidence cup runneth over, and other nights -- eep. That's when a few well-timed compliments can make all the difference. OR a really "on" dance with a fun partner.
  16. redhead

    redhead New Member

    Comfortable shoes make all the difference- make sure they're leather or satin, but not plastic, or scratchy fabric, or man-made leather... Open toe lets your feet "breath", which means you get less blisters. I've been told moleskin helps, but it doesn't stay on my feet.
  17. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    I've used moleskin and it stays on my feet. A couple times only, though. I'll do almost anything to stop blisters forming, except stop dancing. Detest any form of illness.
  18. mellody43

    mellody43 New Member

    My shoes are by Dance-Art and I'm not sure what the inner lining is -- but I think just the minor friction of my little toe rubbing on the shoe was enough to give me the blister. Oy. Goes nicely with the other scars I bear (mostly from being stepped on!) hehe!
  19. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    Hi Mellody!
    Doesn't anyone know about moleskin? It's that glorious stuff serious backpackers use when they feel a blister coming on. Simply cut a small portion to cover part that is irritated(or tends to get irritated- it prevents callousing!) and dance the night away! It has a super-adhesive backing so no matter how you sweat or sway, the patch will stay on. It's flesh-colored and you can cut it to your desired size so it is virtually unnoticeable! I have my mom send me stuff from the states(I'm in Japan!) and my stock now includes Walgreen's "Moleskin Plus" which cost $2.99 for a pack of 3 sheets((4 1/" X 3/38"). Check it out!
  20. MacMoto

    MacMoto Active Member

    When it's too late for moleskin (like after my first serious salsa outing in my new shoes -- it was a particularly good night and I danced almost nonstop. Not a good idea when you shoes haven't been broken in properly... :(), I found clear gel plasters specially designed for blisters to be quite effective.

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