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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by DanceMentor, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. mindputtee

    mindputtee Well-Known Member

    Does that have something to do with why I lost all my permissions to do ANYTHING when logged in? I couldn't even view the forum list (which I could do when logged out). Gave me quite the scare.
  2. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

  3. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    That only lasted for an hour or two, I think. When it happened, i figured there were behind-the-scenes updates in progress. Eh. Growing pains.

    I sometimes tend to focus on the pains, when it's the growing I should be concerned about.

    DF, IMHO, is much better now than it was with the old software, and it's only going to get better. :)
  4. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Ooh! Yay! Now there's a delete post button. Very handy for those double posts, when they happen. (if you notice them within the edit window, I assume)

    Very groovy. Thanks.
  5. DL

    DL Well-Known Member

    It even appears to work.
  6. Shane Parkins

    Shane Parkins New Member

    it is important to keep software updated especially Vbulletin as it's one of the main CMS (apart from Wordpress) that gets hacks. I've ran VBulletin several times so if you get stuck let me know ;)
  7. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Actually a large part of why we switched to XenForo (created by may of the people who first developed vBulletin). ;)
  8. mindputtee

    mindputtee Well-Known Member

    Hmm, I don't seem to have a delete button, or perhaps I'm just not seeing it.
  9. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    It's right next to the edit button, and it's only visible during the short window of time in which you're able to edit posts. Most of the time, you shouldn't be able to see it.

    ETA: I'm wrong again, Bob. My delete button is gone now. It was there yesterday, but it's gone today. *sigh*
  10. DanceMentor

    DanceMentor Administrator

    Yes, it was just temporary as a result of a change we were making. You can still edit your post, and say "duplicate" or "removed" for up to I think 15 minutes. If you need to change something after that, just post in messages to staff. Thanks for your support as we try to move forward with some wonderful new additions next year.
  11. hereKittyKitty

    hereKittyKitty Administrator Staff Member

    I found something that may be of use and may replace the "Today's Posts"

    If you look in the upper right corner, to the left of your avatar, there is a double arrow. Click on this and it brings up a menu. In the menu there is Recent Activity on the left side of the menu. This lists all current posts with a prompt at the bottom to show older posts.

    Let me know if this works.
  12. DanceMentor

    DanceMentor Administrator

  13. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    It's awesome! Thanks.
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  14. Standarddancer

    Standarddancer Well-Known Member

  15. SwayWithMe

    SwayWithMe Well-Known Member

    LOL DH refers to me as his "child bride," which is mildly creepy, but has given a lot of people the idea that I'm years younger than he is. I'm 2 months older...
  16. Bailamosdance

    Bailamosdance Well-Known Member

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but is there a link I can put in my browser that goes to 'what's new"?
  17. hereKittyKitty

    hereKittyKitty Administrator Staff Member

    Here is the link-

    To get to this link you click on the small arrow next to your avatar in the upper right corner. Its a small blue blurry arrow. It brings up a box with a whole bunch of things including recent activity. We plan on making this more easy to get to but this is how you can do it for now.
  18. hereKittyKitty

    hereKittyKitty Administrator Staff Member

    See my post above. Its a small blue arrow in the upper right corner next to your avatar on the left.
  19. Bailamosdance

    Bailamosdance Well-Known Member

    it still does not do what I was hoping - that I could simply hit 1 button to see unread, rather than 2
  20. Larinda McRaven

    Larinda McRaven Site Moderator Staff Member

    No. It is a two step process... The "what's new" button does not get us to where we want to go. It is just the first step.

    After you hit that you have several options for asecond step... I have been partial to this

    Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 12.04.33 PM.png

    I would LOVE to take the "All Recent Messages" button and put it where the "What's New" button is!!!

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