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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by aaah, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. tanya_the_dancer

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    You know, by now I think I'm so desensitized to accidental brief touch, that I hardly notice it. The hand has to be there for a while for me to notice and even longer to convince me to do something about it. The only time I ever did something about it was at the group class I mentioned earlier on the thread, when I realized that I'll have to put up with it for the next hour unless I do something about it. Shadow position is probably the biggest source of problems because if the guys go for the same hold they would do on a more conventionally-sized lady, they get a handful on me.
  2. aaah

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    ok thanks I see the conversation wandered off to occasional brushes

    as to your second comment because it is very obvious ..I was putting things in context - at the social dances if you are skinny and pretty - you are popular and attract a lot of attention even if your skill level is zero in essence ..this points to possible non dance motives
    the lady I mentioned was a relative newbie

    thanks all for feedback
  3. twnkltoz

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    It doesn't matter what she looks like. Breast grabbing is inappropriate, and it happens to girls of all shapes and sizes.
  4. twothreefourone

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    And boys. All-male rumba... once was enough.
  5. danceronice

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    Heh, and I'm starting to think I'm even less well-endowed than I thought! (That or sufficient closed-hold Standard has kind of tuned me out to upper-chest contact while dancing...)
  6. Gorme

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    On any other occasion, dinner must be bought before any of this can occur.
  7. cornutt

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    That can be arranged... :D Seriously, my DW is well endowed, and, well, it definitely encourages one to maintain a proper topline and lead through the core. I find that if I try to lead through my upper body, I just bounce off. :p
  8. fascination

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    well...that I don't even bat an eyelash over...unless, um, depending upon person involved, I happen to be particularly attuned:cool:
  9. fascination

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    dinner? that is all it takes? :)
  10. fascination

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  11. jump'n'jive

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    oh this thread.....:)
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    Heh. I remember one time during a lesson my teacher brushed my chest accidentally, with his forearm, I think. I never noticed; I was too focused on the dancing or instruction or whatever was going on. He apologized, and I had no clue what he was apologizing for, which left him explaining. Awkward moment. Talk about desensitized.
  13. fascination

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    this is soooooooooooooooooooo mild compared to the good old days :)
  14. DL

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    Give me an excuse to resurrect the thread most memorable to me, and I will. :)
  15. jump'n'jive

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    who needs excuses, bring it!
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    I'm quite certain your frustration over my post is a bit over dramatic don't you think? And by your own admission, you didn't even bother to read the posts and follow the conversation, so that you would know when and why I posted what I did.

    Secondly, though I did bother to read your posts and you somewhat addressed your obsession with the petite, skinny, pretty thing (though it still seems strange that you insist that this is crucial info to the situation), ANY woman, or man for that matter, can experience abuse. Physical, sexual, emotional abuse is not reserved only for the "skinny, petite, pretty" people.

    But I will yield to you being correct that I wandered off topic I suppose. In the future though, you may want to read and consider all the posts that people are kind enough to offer before making decisions regarding their relevance, as sometimes threads do take an unexpected tangent, even despite the efforts of our mods.
  17. Gorme

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    One time I was social dancing VW with a lady and she tripped backwards over her own foot. She grabbed onto me and pulled me down on top of her. So not only did she land flat on her back, but I landed on top of her. Instinctively, I had held my hand out in front of me to brace for the impact. Unfortunately, my right hand ended up fully on her breast. I was horrified that I had just punched a woman in the chest when she suddenly popped back up and started asking if i was alright. To top all of that, her teacher happened to be sitting next to where this accident happened. Awkward...
  18. fascination

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    yes...I for one, tend to be lenient about tangents if, and only if, I feel that the bulk of what can be offered regarding the original OP has happened and as long as it doesn't become inflammatory
  19. clumsy fellow

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    If it is plausible that a gentleman has a handful and not be aware, as some have argued... Is it equally plausible that you have filled a gentleman's hand and not been aware?

    Tongue. Cheek. Planted.
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