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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by latin-ballroom, Nov 13, 2012.

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    Hi twnkltoz, this is my bio: I´ve spent three years in that wheel when I was 22, left frustrated and hanged up dancing for twenty years. I started anew with argentine tango. Here in this thread I only refer to my try-outs for professional partnerships, when I started my own studio for the purpose of teaching and performing. We also took part in two campeonatos, but did not get far. Still I think (as written in my posts above) that psychological criteria are the weakest link in a professional buisiness-like partnership. Eight month ago I dropped teaching and concentrated on other fields. My left knee did not play along: got an arthrosis as a result of a torn cruciate ligament. Still try to get on my feet again, sorry for being sour or sarcastic eventually.
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    Teammate is the word!! that is why at the am am level so many couples are husband and wife
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    i disagree somewhat at the champ level having similar psychologic profiles is helpful if they are not then a strong ability to respect each others differences is critical

    Dancing to Your Maximum goes into this in a nicely organized manner
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    So does competitive dance. I also disagree with your meeting the coaches comment. I've had some great try-outs with coaches around and I definitely recommend it during a first or second try-out.
    I once stopped dancing with a partner because his coach was very possessive of dancers and controlling.
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    we men are hard to find so the pros can get possessive and fearful you might leave pro am for am am only. since im married to my am partner ( we learned together) ,they know its a package deal that am am comes first
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    This person never danced pro-am....
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    oh yes i have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    still do actually
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    I think she was referring to the person she broke up with.
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    That says it all.
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    Thank you for pointing that out vit---that's what I gathered from his post too---and I hope I answered that part of his question enough for the level he was asking it.

    From what little experience I have posting here at DF, I thought that there might be some other readers who might be interested in another's POV who's done quite a bit of it (or at least what I was trained to look for when scouting for a potential partner)---turns out BLUEBEREFT found the extra information useful, as I hope others do in the future.

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    okey dokey
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    That's correct - I was! Thanks for the clarification there!
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    I thought it was a good and useful post!
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    Thanks twnkltoz! That's sweet of you to say.


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    I had a tryout with a potential std partner (prechamp) under a new coach (recently relocated, everything's new to me!), and everything went quite well.

    Suggested about a period of several weeks where we train together and see how we work together etc.

    On a personal level, we get along. And there was good connection in the dancing. However, she has less experience than me (though it's not like I have a great deal), and her previous coaches really didn't teach her about things that I feel are so important. Like, leg action! But she seems open to learning and can pick things up fast.

    I've only ever had one partner before this, so the entire tryout process is very new to me! Want to ask for advice on:

    1) What should we do at these practices? The first practice was mostly trying out basic steps and bits of our respective routines. And seeing how we work together. However, it does feel somewhat aimless, and I'm wondering if there's something more targeted that we could do. Was thinking of working on a simple piece of choreography, and working on the partnering/mechanics/technique through that.

    2) We get along, but I'm not sure what kind of dancer she is, what inspires her, etc. Dance inspires me, I am constantly amazed at the depth and quality of feeling contained within just a simple step. Even standing and being conscious of dynamic alignment is a wonderful sensory experience. Not sure if it's because she's shy, but she really doesn't give very useful responses when I ask what figures she likes, or what she would like to try, or which dancers she likes. Definitely not saying that we have to be the same, but it would be nice to get a feel of what kind of dancer she is or wants to be. Does this matter? Am I on the wrong track?

    3) I may have had slightly more experience and better coaches. But I really don't want a one sided partnership. I'm not at a level to know what a lady dancer is supposed to do, or the correct technique/mechanics for her in different figures. I'm really looking forward to developing my dancing. The logistics of this partnership look good, and like I said, we do get along well. Also, it's somewhat difficult to find new partners here. How should I proceed from here?

    Thanks in advance, DFers!
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    I like to warm up with waltz natural/reverse turns, change steps. My go-to basic sequence is natural turn, spin turn, 4-6 reverse, 1-6 reverse, basic weave ending in promenade, chassé, natural. I think it fairly encapsulates the basic movements, so you can focus on fundamentals.
    I think that's a good thing to find out. For example, say one person is inspired to compete, while the other aspires towards social dancing. It can work if both have the same, say, craving of beautiful movement.
    IMO, good partners are grown, not found. Your prospective partner has the two essential things I would look for: personal compatibility and learning capacity. Dance ability can change. The other two, not so much.

    All the best with your tryout!
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    I think there are no shortcuts in finding out the answers for those questions unless both partners are dancing considerable time so they are aware of their goals and priorities. Probably both of you will find some answers during 'trial period' of your partnerships, including some competitions etc. For instance, I was never very competitive guy, while my partner was, so we went to our first competition under big pressure of her and our coach. And we came to the hall, there were reflectors, TV cameras, audience ... she panicked and almost run away, I had big problems to calm her down ... Also, have in mind that women are usually not so technically oriented as man and this also includes dance and various questions connected with that. Furthermore, since they are following, they are looking to dance from different perspective, so again, you will find answers to those questions by dancing with her during first weeks or months
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    Um, talk to her about it all?
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