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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by Melody58, Apr 26, 2013.

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    My first partner and me went directly to a milonga after oour very first workshop. While I was sent back to tango class for one year and an half, for her it all went very nicely and she started to go to milongas every night she could.
    Learning curves are different, you don't have to wait for him for another two years before he's ready. And by going right now you will see what tango looks like in your neck of the woods, the milongas, the community, possibly the cliques. Maybe you wont like it at all and will want to switch to another dance. Then better now than after two years of hard work for him.
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    Practising helps you to improve your tango - which is important. By itself, it's unlikely to help you thrive at a milonga though - unless you are doing your practising in a crowd or an otherwise simulated milonga environment.

    The simplest thing to do is go to a milonga, accepting that it won't be easy or stress-free - at first (particularly for the leader*). Practise your tango at home (or wherever) and practise being at a milonga, at the milonga itself.

    * In reality, (well, in my opinion at least) it's fine to be a beginner leader at a milonga, but only as long as he isn't trying to be impressive. The thing to remember is to stay within a lane and move with the flow of traffic. --And that can be done with ease if he dances a humble dance (walking steps, weight changes) and isn't afraid to stop dancing if necessary and restart in a safe position (for example he strays outside the lane or finds himself in danger of holding up traffic).
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    I'm not getting this at all. Would you elaborate on it?

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