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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by caityrosey, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. fire_dancer

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    Wow, so I just sat and read all 14 pages of this thread... and there are many great points that people brought up. Of course, now I feel the desire to put in my own two cents worth:

    I think that ballroom teachers can (and will) charge whatever the market will pay for their expertise. Of course, when I say 'expertise', I mean that figuratively, since the person determining the expertise is usually the teacher themself. And, let's face it, we've all met teachers who aren't the greatest in the world, but who think (and charge lessons like) they're god. :)

    Also, I do think that financial situations in a student's life can also make a difference, at least in terms of speed of instruction. Being a poor just-graduated-from-college kid, I'll still pay good money for coaching. However, I can only take a few lessons a week. Contrast this with another student in the studio who thinks nothing of dropping hundreds of dollars a week on lessons. Will we both improve? Of course. Will she improve faster? Probably, just due to the amount of teaching time that she is able to afford. So while I don't think that ballroom is completely prohibitive to people with lower economic standing, I do think that it puts them at a slight disadvantage. Which can work out ok in the end, since it does make you try and squeeze every minute out of dancing, and practice TONS on your own (it's free!)

    Also, in terms of taking from a higher-priced professional for their expertise, I do agree that good coaching is often more expensive than regular teachers, but is worth it. However, I've found that many times the wisdom that the coaches impart takes a while (and hours of practice) to sink in. So rotating between a top-level (and $$$) coach a few times a month and a good coach ($$) on a weekly basis can often help. The top-level coach will give you great things to work on (like rumba walk technique) and the mid-level (but also good) coach can help you perfect the technique and will correct you when you aren't doing it. Because if I'm paying $100/hr for a top-level coach, I'd rather not waste his/her time at the next few lessons hearing them say "NO! Your hip goes OUT, then back! Try it again! Again! Again!". For that repetition, I'll stick with my $45/hr coach. :)

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my novel.

  2. fascination

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    excellent...bottom line...its all good;)
  3. caityrosey

    caityrosey New Member

  4. SPratt74

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    I agree with you, because I am a student myself, but I also think that the price range could be different depending on where you live. The people in my city aren’t going to pay that much for anything really. So, I think that the instructors have to be careful not to charge too much, because then they end up losing out on customers. In fact, the two teachers that I have only charge $50, and the one is a professional. The other one dances competitively, and has been moving up in the ranks. It’s just that both instructors know that people aren’t going to pay hundreds to take lessons from them, because our area of living just can’t afford it. [/FONT]We aren’t like New York City in other words.
  5. fire_dancer

    fire_dancer New Member

    Where do you live? (just curious)
  6. SPratt74

    SPratt74 New Member

    Down south in Missouri. I wonder if any of my instructors are on here lol?
  7. fire_dancer

    fire_dancer New Member

    *Thinks about moving to missouri to save $$$ on dance lessons*
  8. caityrosey

    caityrosey New Member

    *also thinks about moving to missouri*
  9. SPratt74

    SPratt74 New Member

    Haha! You would like it! It’s actually great here! We probably spend two-thirds less than what people do in New York for instance. I know, because I was thinking about moving to NYC, but it just wasn’t worth it in my book! But yeah, everything is pretty reasonable, and my instructors are awesome. Everyone gets included in everything, and if you aren’t there, they worry about you, not because you are a paying customer, but more because we are all considered friend, because those of us who can hang out outside of practice, and those that can't are always invited even though we know that they can't (if that makes sense)!
  10. fire_dancer

    fire_dancer New Member

    Sounds like a great place! It seems like you've also found a great studio as well.... that makes a big difference!

    May everyone be as lucky as you :)
  11. redhead

    redhead New Member

    huh, it seems to me that here prices really grew in the last couple of years... but so did the quality of instruction (at least our choices - we got a few really good ones coming on a regular basis). So it's fine by me, at least we have a choice now.
    Although I'm not a starving student any longer, I still can't comfortably afford taking more than one private a week (split w/partner), usually less or way less than that... go figure
  12. SPratt74

    SPratt74 New Member

    I do consider myself very lucky. They were the only studio that cared to call me back when I called about prices. None of the others even bothered. I was disappointed with the rest of them. My studio had a beginner's package that was unbeatable, and I was hooked from there. I'm glad too. I recently found out from other people that some studios in town that offer ballroom, don't teach it hands on. They put feet prints down on the ground and you have to walk on them to learn ballroom. My studio is all hands on, and once you enter the studio, you aren't sitting down. You are up and dancing whether you realize it or not lol. I wish everyone the best of luck when finding a studio that is right for them too! ;)
  13. lynn

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    feet prints :shock:?? wow, that's the first time i've heard of that!
  14. wyllo

    wyllo New Member

    Nuh uh?! That is so wacky!!
  15. Indiana_Jay

    Indiana_Jay Active Member

    That's hard to believe! By the way, is the studio you chose part of a chain (like Arthur Murray) or an "independent" studio? Do they only do ballroom, or do they also do the jazz, tap, etc. stuff?
  16. SPratt74

    SPratt74 New Member

    Oh my studio does everything! I would take more classes if I could afford them myself! They have practice rooms and a theatre area (which I haven't seen yet). Some of the other studios don't concentrate on ballroom though, like they'll concentrate on ballet mainly that type of thing, so that could explain the feet thing (or whatever you call them). I just don't get why they offer ballroom at all if they don't have the instructors for it! I also think that my studio is independent, but I honestly do not know. I just started this year, and I'm still learning the history as well as everyone's names etc.
  17. Indiana_Jay

    Indiana_Jay Active Member

    Well, if your studio isn't called "Arthur Murray" or "Fred Astaire," it's probably independent. I suspected when you referred to "dance moms" that your studio teaches more than just ballroom. My lovely wife and I go to a studio that teaches only ballroom. For us, I think that's a good thing.
  18. SPratt74

    SPratt74 New Member

    Well, I think that there are studios out there for everybody, but you really have to take the time to research them. I did my research over the Internet, and I tried calling around and asking friends. But like I said, my studio was the only one to ever call me back. I'm glad too, because they were cheaper when it came to certain packages than others from what I had found out through research.
  19. saludas

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    Amazingly, this is what made Mr. Arthur Murray famous - he also included these 'footprints' in the mail order dance lessons that he sold. He actually told people that using them they would learn to dance!!

    After he got out of bankruptcy, he continued with mailorder lessons but eventually switched to chain studio ownership.

    How he became synonymous with dance instruction is just... well, it boggles the mind...
  20. SPratt74

    SPratt74 New Member

    Are you serious? Because to me I think I would have quit day one if I had to learn that way! I have to learn hands on though. I just learn better with hands on than anything else!

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