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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by KevinL, May 26, 2004.

  1. Genesius Redux

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    I'm not even gonna ask you about band camp.... :wink:
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    *grins* Yeah, 16 is a big year; it means that I will have the legal power to own a Beast that is *quite* adept at running over pedestrians... *cough* *cough* I didn't say that out loud, did I? *tries to look cute and innocent -- can't you guys see the horns supporting my halo??*

    1. *glare* Give me one good reason why I shouldn't slap you.... :evil:

    2. *I* play the CLARINET!!!! *NOT* THE FLUTE!!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: I don't understand why everyone thinks that *all* woodwinds are guilty of "American Pie" crimes...! *sniffle sniffle*

    Nice to see you back, Genesius -- looked like you'd up and disappeared on us! :shock: And we can't have *that* happening, now can we?

    However, it looks as though you're still up to your old tricks of being mean to me! *sticks out her tongue* Which obviously means you're feeling well... Which is good... So long as you're being nice! :wink: Or at least, not *unusually* cruel.... *laughs* Again, great to have you back.

    Sakura Kitty :kitty:

    (PS-You know I'm mean to you 'cause it's fun, right? :twisted: )
  3. tj

    tj New Member

    Wasn't American Pie rated "R"?
  4. dancin_feet

    dancin_feet New Member

    I think it's more just a company policy thing, protecting the instructors from the personal contact with someone who may misunderstand and try to get too close to the instructor.

    This has happened before, and I think they are just trying to protect themselves. That's why it's only children of existing students (there are two that I know of) that can take classes under the age of 18. They have their parents in the same situation to guide / supervise.
  5. Sakura

    Sakura New Member

    Yes. And no, I didn't see it myself. But you have *NO* idea, the number of people who hear that I play the clarinet and immediately start up, "This one time, at Band Camp...!" ! :evil: :evil: :evil:

    Seriously, I have to take it with a smile, or a playful, "NO! I PLAY THE CLARINET!" sort of thing; but you have *NO* idea how degrading it is to me as a musician that people seem to think some insulting idea about a girl sticking her flute up her twat, (to be blatantly frank, I'm sorry to those whom I've just offended) is funny, and that they can throw it at anyone who plays an instrument that's in the same family, and expect that the musician won't be offended, even the tiniest bit, pisses me off to no end!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: In all honesty, the number of adults who have said that to me is absolutely astounding!! I'm just so sick of it...

    Not that I'm yelling at you in particular, tj. :oops: :oops: =^_^=;;; I've just needed to sort of get that off my chest; and I can't exactly break out into that little tirade in some huge public place; or indeed, one full of little kids. =^_^=;; (That was where the most recent occurence happened; a place full of little kids, with another bloody adult saying that to me... :evil: I *HATE* having to be civil to ignorant, offensive adults... He actually would have been just fine by me if he hadn't said, "This one time, at Band Camp..." ... Rawr. :oops: :roll: )

    Okay, well, that's my ranting, thanks to you DF members who have heard me out or skipped it entirely! :D Back to being in happy-hyper-mode!

    Sakura Kitty :kitty:
  6. Sakura

    Sakura New Member

    Ahh, so it's based on the idea of not wanting the young children to fall in love with/ become attracted to their instructors. *nods* I suppose that makes sense. But I also see the flip side of denying children with an honest interest in dance the chance to get into it. :? 'Tis no wonder it's called a "double-edged sword."

    See you later!

    Sakura Kitty :kitty:
  7. dancin_feet

    dancin_feet New Member

    I'm really not sure of the policy, maybe if the child showed a genuine interest and one or both of the parents were happy to at least supervise the class, it may be OK. One girl has been with the studio almost 5 years and is now 17. Her mother took classes with her and they are both at the same level.
  8. Sakura

    Sakura New Member

    :D That's cool. =^_^= At least comprimises may be allowed.

    Sakura Kitty :kitty:
  9. ShyDancer

    ShyDancer New Member

    25 here, started dancing at 23 or 24...cant quite place the month I started...somewhere about a year-ish ago! :lol: :lol:

    Most of the dancers socially are at least 10 years older. Id place most of them to be 35-40.
    There are a few younger ones , but not too many!
  10. dr daffy

    dr daffy New Member

    haha, speaking of American Pie, has anyone seen American Wedding? it was absolutly hilarious, as stupid as it was, lol :p
  11. tj

    tj New Member

    Lol! So how do you *really* feel about it? :roll:
  12. Pacion

    Pacion New Member

    tj :roll: :roll: :roll:

  13. salsachinita

    salsachinita New Member

    Seeing that we DFers have a tendency to wander off topics lately, I will try and answer Kevin (remember him?)'s questions:

    I am 33, I started salsa aged 19 (but only really put in real efforts in the last couple of years or so, after my return at the end of a 5 yrs hiatus).

    Salsa competitive dancers are mid 20s-mid 30s.

    Social dancers, anywhere between late teens to over 50s. Majority in their 20s-40s.

    I can only speak for salsa :oops: ........
  14. Sabor

    Sabor New Member

    i'm 31, started since i could walk they tell me, i was aware of it strating 5

    we have no competitions in dance here, just social dancers with ranging levels,, most are in the age 20-30, some 30 - 40 and a few below 20..

    as far as what i'd like to see,,, all and everyone dancing socially.. as long as they can breath as far as i'm concerned.. even if the are disabled in one limb or another.. i once saw a guy on a wheelchair who kept watching us dance .. by the end of the night he joined in and danced best as he can using the wheel chair and upper body.. i loved it .. the power of dance is a heavenly sight when seen on/in others.. :D :D :D
  15. danceguy

    danceguy New Member

    I am 29, and started dancing exactly one year ago, when I was 28. Spent 6 months doing Ballroom, and have swtiched to club style Salsa for the past 6 months. I had no previous dancing experience...but I have been doing Tai Chi for about 10 years...and I think I've finally gotten to the point in my dancing where I no longer think about hitting people (save some of the other leads who really would deserve it!). Just kidding. :)

    I don't know any competitive dancers in my area...I've seen a few at dances and they've ranged from 20-40 somethings...but honestly I have no real idea as I'm not into comps.

    Social Dancers - For Salsa it ranges from teens to people in their 60's and some older. For Ballroom, I've seen young kids under ten and older folks in their 80's and possibly even in their 90's. My best memory was at my first live Salsa concert...and there was this couple that must have been at least in their 80's doing Salsa together...and they looked so beautiful...still in love and happy after all of those years. :D

    The main crowd of Salsa folks are 20-30's...but quite a few of the regulars are in their 40's...and maybe even early 50's. Quite a wide age range actually.


  16. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Yes. I would guess abut half of the time I go out salsa dancing, I see an old-school couple who've obviously been dancing together for years, quietly doing their thing in a corner, and out-dancing many hotshots in the middle of the floor. Not a lot of spins or fancy stuff. Just good, solid salsa dancing, that respects the music and both lead and follow. It's sweet to see. :D 8)
  17. Sakura

    Sakura New Member

    *meandering off of the road slowly* We do what, Salsachinita?! *looks around* Oh... Heh, heh... We *do* don't we? But that's why we're so fun! :D

    Who??? *blink blink* Wait... Doesn't that kid owe me money?! *goes to look over her gambling books* Thanks for the reminder, SC! :twisted: :wink: :bouncy:

    Sakura Kitty :kitty:

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