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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by DonMickey84, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. jamesandanne65

    jamesandanne65 New Member

    We originally decided to purchase the Topline Dance Frame after trying it for ourselves on their sales stand (they ha their own small dance floor) and the gentleman recommend that we use the frame for 10-15 minutes during practice, and then practice without for a further 10-15 minutes, and so on - and that doing this over time would develop my husbands topline muscle memory - following the comments from our dance teachers, this certainly seems to be working! I should also say that you don't 'rest' on the frame - it's simply a guide to remind you to stay in the correct frame - if your arms start to drop, or you don't rotate from the centre, you feel a pressure from the frame that reminds you.

    We know other couples that had previously bought a Canadian frame (similar look) and others who have tried broomsticks etc, but this is the first product that actually works...and is a pleasure to use!!
  2. DonMickey84

    DonMickey84 New Member

    I totally agree with this excelent idea! This tool is no doubt a very useful one! I'm just curious that can a lady also need a Topline Dance Frame, too?
  3. jamesandanne65

    jamesandanne65 New Member

    We asked this same question when we bought the frame - and to my husbands surprise (he's always been the cynical one!) the gentleman on the stand advised us just to buy the one (and for the record, I was all ready to buy one for me too!) He'd spent about 30 minutes talking to us on the stand and letting us practice with the frame (no hard sell at all...a pleasant surprise!), and he basically said that because me and my husband always practice together, that the frame would put him in the correct pose and that I would therefore follow! That said, I know some couples where the woman has also bought one and loves it, and they can dance together quite comfortably both wearing one at the same time, and also allows her to practice on her own...personal preference I guess!
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    Firstly, we'd just like to say hi to everyone - we are new to this forum, but had heard that our new dance training aid had been mentioned on this forum so thought we would join up - hope we can also contribute to the many and varied discussions that are on here.

    And Anne and James, thank you for your kind (and detailed) thoughts on the product - it was lovely meeting you both in Bournemouth and we are glad you are enjoying and benefiting from the frame. We hope to see you at a competition again soon, come and say hi :)
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    I would like to remind everyone that this forum is NOT for advertising... and should any members posts be centered solely around talking about one product then we shall consider you an advertiser... and be asked to both purchase ad space and engage in OTHER discussions.

    So if the only reason you are here is peddle a product we kindly ask that you rethink your membership here.
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    If you are the company that sells this dance aid, you should not be talking about it on this forum. You should purchase advertising space. In my humble opinion, your above post should be removed-as you imply or state that you are the company that sells this dance aid.
  7. happydancer51

    happydancer51 New Member

    Hi All,

    Firstly, our apologies - we signed up having been informed that our product had been mentioned on here, and having seen James and Anne's comments wanted to thank them for their kind words and to say hi, and also to introduce ourselves (we are indeed the aforementioned company) - more out of courtesy than anything, and yes so that people could ask direct questions should they have any (but admittedly did not read the posting rules!). We are active ballroom dancers ourselves and have also joined the site out of interest, and to hopefully participate in the many threads on here.

    We are, of course happy for these posts to be deleted should you wish to do so

    With Best Wishes
  8. latingal

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    Welcome to DF toplinedanceframe!

    We hope to see you contributing around the forum in our community discussions...and thank you very much for reading our rules on advertising and posting here at DF!

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