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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by HF, Jun 28, 2005.

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    I searched for a while but did not find answer to my question: Is there anywhere a description how to play the standard conga/tumbao salsa rhythm pattern (that with the tutum on the 4 and the slap on the 2). I would prefer a written score with indications which note is played by the right hand and which with the left.

    Any hint?
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    okay, i'm not a trained musician, so i can only give you a layman's description. the following is for playing on one conga, because that is all i have been doing so far. lets say the basic tumbao is as follows:

    "one-and-two-and-three-and-four-and" where the slap is at 'two' and the tutum is at 'four-and'

    I play the tumbao in the following sequence:
    Left hand: one-and (left hand beats twice)
    Right hand: two (the 'slap'. at this stage, the left hand is still on the drum, so you get a closed sound)
    Left hand:-and-three-and (now the left hand beats three times)
    Right hand: four-and (the 'tutum'. here, the left hand is away from the drum so that you hear an open sound)

    hope this helps.
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    GREAT!!! Thanks ... :notworth:
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    Have you checked Pete Lockett's Conga lessons?

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    I have now. Thanks. :D
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    I LOVE IT!
    I think I have to run and buy a conga right now! :D :wink:
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