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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by Pacion, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. tangotime

    tangotime Well-Known Member


    new release- Willie Rosario ,De barrio Obrero a la Quince , y para Jimmy Sabater , La Flauta-- HOT HOT!!
  2. yippee1999

    yippee1999 Member

    Salsa en la Calle Ocho por Puerto Rican Power

    ".... estoy enamorado de una chica, si pero no, de una chica, si pero nooooo....." (or something like that!!!)

    I'm loving it!!

    Tambien, Fuego a la Jicotea por Orchestra Tabaco y Ron!!!

    y Pa'l Bailador por Joe Arroyo.
  3. SuzieQ

    SuzieQ New Member

    Nice variety of Christmas music on Pandora.
  4. BugBear

    BugBear New Member

    Cabas - Mi bonbon
  5. yippee1999

    yippee1999 Member

    I too just started listening to salsa via I "discovered" a person I'd never heard of, and whose music I seem to like just about every song:

    El Murmulleo by Cuco Valoy, and eveyrthing else I've heard by him!

    Anybody else like him?

    Also the song Vengo Guapeando by Michael Stuart.

    Y Pa' Bravo Yo por Pupy Santiago
  6. yippee1999

    yippee1999 Member

    and for today....

    No Me Llores Mas por Willie Colon y Hector Lavoe!!!

    Tanga by Machito

    Que Linda Va por Wayne Gorbea

    El Swing por Andy Montanez

    Brujeria por Andy Montanez !!!

    Soneros - Cano Estremera y Jose Alberto (the intro cracks me up every time!)
  7. MapleLeaf Salsero

    MapleLeaf Salsero New Member

    Mandinga - Buena Vista Social Club.
  8. salsamarty

    salsamarty New Member


    I will make a plug for Osdalgia. She has three albums:

    Suenon Los Cueros
    La Culebra
    Mi Armonia

    All are good but if you are going to buy one the buy Mi Armonia. It has some killer cha-cha's.

    I highly recommend getting an iPod compatible car stereo. I have an Alpine 500CDA9856. I plug in my iPod and I have several hundred CD's of music including all my Salsa tunes. CD's are dead . . .
  9. desinel

    desinel New Member

    Ana Gabriel's Eres Todo En M from Dance With Me... can't get enough of it...
  10. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    That's a neat station -pandora Thanks. I'm going to enjoy exploring it. :)
  11. yippee1999

    yippee1999 Member

    Lo Bonito y Lo Feo por Grupo Niche....
  12. alemana

    alemana New Member

    Vacilon, Orquestra Lebron
  13. Catarina

    Catarina New Member

    Off of "La Charanga Eterna" by Orquesta Aragon, I can't get enough of Guacharumba....
    & Chanchullo by Ruben Gonzalez...

    I want to track down Ran Kan Kan...I think it's a Tito Puentes song...any version the best though???
  14. yippee1999

    yippee1999 Member

    A friend made me a new CD, w/songs not previously on my radar (although it's possible I've heard them before at socials). So here are my "NEW FAVES":

    Pa' los Bravos - Grupo Latin Vibe (caliente!!!!! I love the zylophone is it, in this song?)

    No Puedo Tenerte - group unknown (anybody know who sings this??)

    El Hombre Misterioso - Cuco Valoy (I'm liking this guy more and more every time I hear another of his songs)

    Que Viva la Salsa - Quinto Mayor

    Me Quiere Dominar - Conjunto Imagen
  15. tangotime

    tangotime Well-Known Member


    Puentes is the ONLY one .Still classico.

    Just got the E . G. C. release - Its hot.
  16. Catarina

    Catarina New Member

    Just curious...Anyone listen to music on ? I just came across it, and don't have the time to putz through and figure it first glance, seems to be pretty comprehensive
  17. Blaxican

    Blaxican New Member

    El Son de Madrugada-Gilberto Santa Rosa
  18. alemana

    alemana New Member

    Cheo Feliciano, NINA NINA
  19. Pacion

    Pacion New Member

    For some strange reason, my heart is skipping a beat when I hear ANY song by Frankie Negrón! :lol: Currently listening to one of his songs :banana:
  20. tangotime

    tangotime Well-Known Member


    just got some new releases from descarga. Grupo Gales' latest is as usual hot hot hot and latest re mixes of Tito Rodriguez and J. Pacheco .really very good buys .

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