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    I sometimes go through the same thing. I'm an engineer and a dancer. I don't always feel pretty on the floor. When I watch videos of myself I cringe. Most of the time I feel clumsy and slow while other times I feel great but my dancing is horrid. The only way I get through these slump periods is to look in the mirror and tell myself "you are good at this" or "you're better than this and you know it" whatever the situation calls for. Sometimes a break from dancing is the only thing that helps...with a large pizza. Then I'm back at my next lesson refreshed ready to shake what my mama gave me, and work off that pizza I just ate. Maybe that helps.
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    funny isn't it? we only consider a dancer a dancer that dances for a living or a dancer that has the highest standard of technique. I don't know whether that's true. I was telling my newbie friend that we all are artists; we are just novice artists but we still are artists. And when I told her this I realized it myself...
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    I feel like there are two issues here. First is the original question about not wanting to be seen. I remember this feeling well, and would guess it's fairly common amongst beginning dancers. Time on the floor helps. New figures always feel a bit iffy, and when everything's new, well... Everyone starts at the beginning, and this takes a while to become more natural.

    The second is about owning the label "dancer." For a long time I mentally classified people as "those who dance" and "real dancers." Real dancers were not necessarily professionals, but possessed a certain confidence and passion on the floor. I despaired of ever becoming a real dancer, and didn't refer to myself as a dancer.

    I do clearly remember the first time I owned the label. DH does not share my passion for the sport, doesn't enjoy social dancing, and basically just wants to dance with me at non-studio parties. This sometimes causes a bit of tension between us because of the amount of time I'm committing to dance. He opened a convo with "We're not dancers...", and I said "*I'm* a dancer!" without even stopping to think. It's harder to own amongst other dancers -- I usually go with "Bronze dancer," but may to have to rework that now that I'm starting Silver...

    Labels really don't matter in the grand scheme of things, but something in my competitive nature wants to know where I am in the wide spectrum of dancers at the studio. I am very very uncomfortable with fan girl behaviour from baby instructors. :/
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    What always makes me feel more like a dancer is doing warm-ups and dressed more liked a classical jazz dancer. Dance trousers, tight top - stretches, cardio work and rolling around on the floor! I know ballroom is a bit different, but I struggle to feel like a dancer in jeans and a regular shirt. All the attributes of solo dancers (flexibility, stamina, musicality) transfer across in this sense. Admittedly I did start with those types of dance rather than ballroom and latin, but that's what makes me always see myself as a dancer.
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    Im going to try and answer this in my own opinion, and kind of short and direct so please excuse me in advanced. I want to try and help with some things that I also have in common with you, even though I am not affraid of spotlight, there is alot more in the answer to your question.

    1st - we all feel clumsy on the floor at first. And we always will even after yearsss and yearrsss, there is always the next level, you never master this, as with any art

    2nd - you will get more comfortable the more you do it, as with anything. After you have a good experience, you might even find yourself getting addicted to the attention and smiles of others while they watch you dance. It may not happen right away, and it shouldn't.

    3rd - alot of people I think who are pros diddnt see themselves as dancers. Theres a super famous ballet dancer "Edward Something I can't think of it right now" , started out as a boxer, ended up ballet dancer, super famous. Also.. alot of people all over the world are forced into it at a young age, or were just sent to dance school as their activity.. And over time, they slowly became dancers in one form or another. They couldve ended up as many other things, tech savy people like yourself, but I know people with minds and bodies across the ENTIRE spectrum who are awesome in one form or another on the dance floor. There is no perfect "dancer".

    4th - you wouldn't find pros hiding in a corner, because theyve been doing it for mannnny years. I know alot of cold people who on the outside you would never think they could dance, but then once they are on the dance floor they explode. visa versa i know people who are the most outgoing personalities in the world but cant keep beat dancing. And I know shy people people, who dance quietly on the dance floor, BUT OWN IT. (personally myself, I dont mind spotlight, but I love to dance around the edge of a social dance floor and just enjoy myself, dance your dance however you enjoy)

    5th - Most importantly... do you enjoy dance? If it gives you butterflies somewhere in your body, makes you nervous and sweat, then your in the right place. Their are many activities out there, what matters most is that you enjoy it. And that could be for ANY reason. By the sound of it, I think dance would be good for you, because the feeling of avoiding spotlight, can most certainly be overcome with dance, trust me... and if not... you can be like me, on the outside enjoying your partner and working hard ( plus more people can see you much closser on the outside, YOUR BRAVE )
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    Edward Villella.
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