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    No, they didn't have any private lessons available. Derek Hough and Emma Slater led one group salsa class while I was on board. If you wanted to dance with the pros, you had to hang out where they did in the late night club and then ask them for a dance. Besides Kym, I got to dance with Emma Slater in the club. Mainly, the TV pros and celebrities are on board to do a show and do picture/autograph sessions.

    Other than that, all the Holland America cruises offer Dancing with the Stars at Sea classes, at least for the next year. The ship's dancers teach you a simplified version of one of the routines from the show. Then, after a half hour or so, they will pick out the people they think are doing the best with the routine and have a competition where you are paired with one of the ships dancers, similar to the way it's done on the show. The winner from each class then competes at the end of the week to determine a champion for the cruise. On the special weeks where the TV pros are aboard, often one of them will sit in as judges. There are six sailings this year with the TV pros and celebrities aboard. It's really sort of cool, because other than their official functions, the pros and celebrities are passengers on the ship with you and you can interact with them on the ship or sometimes shore excursions.
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    Dave, thank you.

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