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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by dancing_princess, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. etp777

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    Doh, had just hung up phone with them before I read your message LG. I'll try to remember this weekend. Plus, she may not have really figured it out. Thought she had, was looking at some at a comp, but I don't think she's tested the theory yet.
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    Question RE: Ballroom Jewelry and appliques

    I often see a lot of hand-made ballroom accessories sold at the competition booths; from necklace, to bracelets, to hair appliques. They all look like the rhinestones are glued over a mesh material that is covered with some clear rubber material. I think what they do is they cover the mesh material with this mysterious rubber material by either painting over it or pouring over it. They let it cure and then put the desired design with the rhinestones and finally cut them out. I really want to make my own, but i don't know what this rubber material is!! They also use this technique to make custom appliques to apply it on costumes. Does anyone know what it is? THanks!
  3. etp777

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    No one nkows what the rubber material is. :) It's been asked many times here on DF
  4. Dancebug

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    I had some success with fabric glue. This is how I did it:

    I bought a hair piece and used it for my pattern. I outlined the hair piece on a hard clear plastic sheet. I cut the plastic. This plastic is my basic pattern. I outlined the pattern on nude mesh fabric as many as I wanted, cut the fabric and stoned the fabric on one side. When it was dry, I flipped it over and applied glue a couple of times until it had firmness I liked. I experimented with different glue, and the result was slightly different based on different glue I used. Mine turned out a little stickier than the hair piece you buy from the dance supply vendors, but I do not see a little stickiness is neccessarily a bad thing when you eventually want to fix it on your hair.
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    I thought we discovered it was E6000??
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    I know that's way some people read that thread, but doesn't fit my experience with e6000
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  8. latingal

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    Yep, where is that thread where every year we ask what the heck that stuff is?
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    I think someone on DF needs to go work for one of these jewelry vendors to find out the secret and then report back! :twisted:

    (unless, of course, they're smart and make you sign a non-disclosure agreement. that would ruin the plan.)
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    somebody must know bobby well enuf to ask the man at one of the comps...:cool:
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    This is kind of what I envisioned, but I think I'm going to try a rubber latex coating on the back.

    The only thing I'm still trying to figure out is how to make nice neat, even edges. Did your edges come out neat?

    I'm thinking maybe I'll have to make the pattern a little bigger on the edges, cover up to the bigger edge with the rubber, let it dry and then cut it with sharp scissors or an exacto knife to the rhinestone edge.
  12. latingal

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    thanks to the mod who merged the thread...was that you TC?
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    while they're at it, would they ask about where they get the blanks for earring hoops and the bangle bracelets too? can't tell you how many hours I've spent trying to find the supplier for those on the internet.
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  15. fascination

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    well good luck on that ;)
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    I actually thought about asking my son to ask that question to the lady selling those thingies (you know, he MIGHT need something like that for a craft project), but he's not a cute 11-year-old anymore, so that might not work.
  18. etp777

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    Besides, if I remember right from other threads you'd have to think up good bribe to get him back out to vendors area. Least, if you're trying to get him to do it when he could be watching latin heats. ;)
  19. tanya_the_dancer

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    I think a good-sized iTunes gift certificate would do the trick (like enough to buy a season pass for his favorites).
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    yeah, am not holding my breath on finding anything out... *bleh*

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