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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by samina, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    Juan Calderon and Christina in Marseille, 2003.

    Just a plug for the two that host the salsa venue I've written about, where I've taken most of my salsa lessons. This performance vid is a solid example of the patterns and styling they teach. The men who come up through their ranks are such solid leaders, and the ladies tend to be excellent spinners.

    Has anybody else here had personal experience with Juan and "Cultural Explosion"?
  2. tangotime

    tangotime Well-Known Member

    And, as we say in the world of salsa.. can they dance ?
  3. samina

    samina Well-Known Member by case, right? i'm not particularly fond of the women's styling in that group, but they surely can follow complex, improvised patterns, and that's a good start!
  4. DCR

    DCR Member

    All I care about is dancing and having fun and it don't matter if you were taught or you grew up with the music.

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