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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by tangobro, Oct 13, 2010.

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    Here I have to disagree with you. I had private lessons with Oscar in BA and we found him dancing in a milonga... (hmmm... Ideal maybe?). He was also going to a different milonga (Sin Rumba I think?) the next night and invited us to meet him there but we already had other plans (I think this was before he was dancing with Georgina... I'm not sure when they got together) My partner knew him from when he danced with Veronica Salmeron (who is admittedly a show dancer).

    My partner is only interested in traditional BA social style dancing, but we didn't even have to tell Oscar that. He worked with us on some very useful fundamental principles and did NO "showy" fantasia style moves at all. Dancing with him was heaven and his embrace is one I wish everyone I danced with could master. Following him was a breeze. And yes, he did ocho cortado with me. Plus, we could have had the whole lesson in a space about 1/10 the size. He really can dance on a tile, and I doubt he would have even the slightest trouble social dancing in the most crowded milonga.

    It's entirely possible that once he relocated to the US, partnered with Georgina (about whom I know nothing) and is teaching what North Americans want, his focus has changed. I don't know.. I've never had a group class or workshop with them here. He also teaches (or taught) quite a bit in Japan I believe.

    I love all forms of tango, but I feel fairly strongly that learning traditional CE style first gives someone the best foundation in principles that can be applied across the board. I use a "milonguero style" approach in any teaching I do and my partner wouldn't teach (or dance) anything else. He doesn't even want to teach a gancho.

    And despite that, or maybe because of it, I would JUMP at the chance to have another lesson with Oscar!
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    So from what you write, it seems that Oscar has NOT changed his focus. :D Yay!
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    The turns vid includes enrosques & quebradas. Are the ones shown in this vid advisable or not?

    Are the sacadas & boleos shown in this particular vid not advisable, or do you mean boleos & sacadas in general?

    boleos, sacadas milongueros:
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    At the milongas I attend her adornments would be much too big, and her heels would be in the air too much. At other milongas her adornments might be much admired.

    Vals seemed appropriate and very nice.

    Turns, enrosques and quebradas seemed very appropriate, but somewhat large. Given that they were doing a demo, they probably should be large.

    Over all? Sure, they would know how to dance at a crowded milonga.

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