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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by ballroomboilergirl, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. randomMysh

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    i don't know if i'm repeating what someone else already said, but i've been dealing with the same problem (wide foot, high arch) that you've mentioned, so i thought i'd share.....
    i found that the best shoe for wider feet is the supadance, even though they do sometimes have rounded soles which is the ugh. actually, i didn't have that problem with the 2.5" heel, only with the 3", and even that not with every pair. i think it depends on the particular cobbler that was lasting that particular pair--if they do it too tightly, the sole will curl.
    i personally loved the 1718 for a variety of reasons....they come with two different straps, one across the ankle and one to wind around the instep, which gives you two different shoes as far as the feelings of your feet are concerned....they don't have any straps that bite into your toes and the upper has a buckle which allows you to adjust the width (the best!). i've tried the 1518 and the 1618 as well, but didn't like them as much.
    hope that helps, and good luck in your quest!
  2. randomMysh

    randomMysh New Member

    oh, does anyone know where one might get the new dance naturals? they have this AMAZING new line that is breathtaking and i am coveting it with all my heart :oops:
    just so people know what i'm talking about, here is the link to the pictures:
    you can't buy them there :headwall: so i don't think i'm violating the guidelines (sorry if i am!)
    i will love forever anyone who'll point me to an actual site with dollar signs on it :)
    not that i can actually afford it, but as someone already said, who needs the couple weeks of food? :roll:
    thanks in advance!
  3. SalsaAmore

    SalsaAmore New Member

    Wow! You all sure know your shoes. It has been so informative reading this thread. Pygmalion, I have the Elegance with flexible sole. I've been so bummed about them wearing out so quickly, though. I have the 3S's with 3" heels. They are the ones with the 3 straps around the ankle that can be styled in many ways. These are the most comfortable pair of latin dance shoes I've owned and tried on thus far. But, I only had them for 3 months. It's such a pity, because they ARE quite pricey. But, I am pretty hard on my shoes dancing an average 15 hours a week in them. And, as SD said, the softer and thinner and more flexible the shoe the less durable they tend to be. Nonetheless, I feel like I'm dancing on clouds in these shoes and have been very happy with them and am considering getting another pair. But, I haven't tried the Internationals, DancingMommy recommended, though. So, I'll have to check those out. Also, thanks Dancing Mommy, for the wonderful website info. Whoohoo! With those prices, I can get a couple of pairs at a time. I'm in heaven.
  4. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Back Bay Dance Wear sells some of the Elegance line at a slight discount (cheaper than dancehappy, anyway.) But their selection is limited, and I'm not sure if they offer the flexible soles. When I'm over at their site the next time, I'll browse around. 8)
  5. SalsaAmore

    SalsaAmore New Member

    Thanks Pygmalion for the Back Bay Dancewear website info. When I checked it the last time you mentioned, for some bizarre reason I couldn't find the Elegance. I checked it again and the prices are much better. An $18 discount from the other site and my retailer. That is a really nice deal. To check out their shipping and handling charges, I went through the checkout process and they only charged $2.50 handling with no shipping fee during checkout for FedEx ground service. I wonder if that is correct because using UPS ground, there is a fee. Have you ordered from them before? Are they pretty good?
  6. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Yes. They're good. At least, they were when I bought shoes from them about two years ago.

    Happy shopping. :D
  7. standardgirl

    standardgirl New Member

    I have wide feet and high arch as well. But I found Supadance annoying.....I mean, their shoes don't give me enough support.
    I bought the 1718 thinking that they will be the best shoes for me b/c of the adjustable straps in the front, but the medal on the front straps actually hurts the wide feet.....Before I had the 1718 Supadance, I had a pair of Capezio Sofia in wide style with 2.5 inch heel. Those shoes are in leather, so they strech out better than satin, and they do NOT hurt my feet at all. They are the BEST shoes I have ever had so far. Plus, they are a lot CHEAPER! Basicaly, I bought Supadance thinking of getting a higher quality shoe, but they are just not suitable for me... :(
    Then I recently got a pair of the new Capezioe Paris since they claim that this is the highest, finest quality shoes from Capezio. I got those in the same size and wide width, but they are not as comfy either. So far, the only shoes that I found comfortable are: Sofia from Capezio (order wide width and half a size smaller than street shoes.), and Gabriella from International. Gabriella also has an adjustable strap in the front. oh, btw, I also have a pair of latin shoes from WK. It's wide width comfort style. The shoes is really comfy, but they only come in 1.5 inch heel, black or a weird color. They just don't work for competitions.....

    BTW, if you are wondering.....POOR me, yes, I have LOTS of latin shoes only because I wasn't able to find the right one for my feet. :cry:
  8. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    They have Elegance 3S for $120, but no flexisole. Probably worth a call to see if you can special order the flexible soles from back bay ... still cheaper than dancehappy. :lol: :lol:
  9. SalsaAmore

    SalsaAmore New Member

    Thanks for the info Pygmalion. You are so sweet to check. :)
  10. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Good luck finding the shoes. The way I found back bay in the first place was by finding a shoe style I liked, then googling on the shoe maker and style number (maybe along with the word discount?) and looking for the lowest price. :wink:
  11. angelbaby

    angelbaby New Member

    oh my i do so love the veneres - but i also am on probation (was actually a most gorgeous painting called 'dancing the night away' that blew my budget)

    i love my 3" diamants and they have lasted extremely well. also they are very comfortable to dance in and they take my orthodics as well.

    am thinking i would like a pair of emerald green dance shoes (tango & salsa mainly) - has anyone seen any? (yes i know i can colour them but easier to buy them already green)
  12. randomMysh

    randomMysh New Member

    i bought a pair, even though i'm broke...they'll be here in 6-8 weeks and i can't wait! i'll post with the testing results, of course. :)
    regarding emerald green....hmmm....i thought showtime dance shoes did custom dyeing....otherwise, buying white shoes and taking them to your local shoe repair place along with an actual example of the color you're talking about might be a good way to do it. the reason for the color sample is that your idea of emarald might be very different from theirs, and overdyeing doesn't always work. good luck!
  13. angelbaby

    angelbaby New Member

    cheers :) also found a new zealand site that offers shoes made in south america - both ready and custom made. can give the link if anyone interested. will discuss the green thing with my friendly bootmaker man.

    yes pls do let us all know re veneres :wink: there might be more broke ppl like us who are well able to find a way around....
  14. chachachacat

    chachachacat Well-Known Member

    Thi is one of the MAIN things I look for - FEEL for, in a dance shoe! The heel in the middle of your heel, not at the back.
    That's one of the reasons I love my Capezios. The other reason is, I've always loved Capezio and their logo (the grand jete flying ballerina sketchy one - it may have changed,) and their image, since childhood.

    I used to wear Supadance, then Internationals. I did not, sorry, like my custom-made Elegants. They were "rustically" made, not balanced at all. Balance is most important to me, then comfort, I mean glamour, I mean both! : )

    I went to London once, and stayed right down the street from Freed! Whoo-hoo! I bought a lovely pair of 3" Latins, supposedly the new Gaynor super-flexible ones, which they didn't turn out to be. Then I took them to the wrong shoe dyer, on advice from someone, and they RUINED them! My over-$100-from-England special shoes!! They dyed them a bright Peach, than sprayed them with some dye that made tham matte! Satin shoes! I should have taken that jerk to small claims court! Imagine getting your imported shoe that you bought in England, ruined!

    Does this win the prize for the worst dance shoe horror or what?
  15. delamusica

    delamusica Active Member

    It's got to be pretty close! So sorry your shoes got ruined - and new shoes are always so exciting! . . . :cry:
  16. labelledanseuse

    labelledanseuse New Member

    My first - and so far only - shoes that I have for ballroom/latin dancing are Capezio. They are really comfortable and easy to dance in. I also have Hip Hop, Tap, and Lyrical shoes that are made by Capezio. It's a very good brand.
  17. musicchica86

    musicchica86 Active Member

    I'll weigh in on the Tina sizing issue. It's taken me all summer, but I've finally got a pair that fits. I usually wear a size 7.5 American dance shoe, which would translate into a size 5 English--and yet my Tinas are a size 4. It seems that the Freed sizing for at least this style is way bigger than the norm, at least for me. That said, I love my Tinas and think they're beautimous!

    I still have my Supadance 1518s though, and I absolutely love them too! They fit my feet perfectly, and (I think) they're really flexible, not to mention they're so pretty with all the rhinestones!
  18. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Is the Tina sizing anomaly a foot-width issue? Meaning, do you have narrow feet? :?
  19. musicchica86

    musicchica86 Active Member

    Nope. I've got normal-width feet. And it's so funny because my shoe size is always so uniform. It's a rare occasion when I need a size different from what I always wear.
  20. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    "Beautimous"? Where you from, girl? :)

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