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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by karel_evzen, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. karel_evzen

    karel_evzen New Member

    I have just started at the University of Edinburgh (I'm 20 by the way...) and I would like to learn salsa.
    I had no chance to learn salsa so far and this is something I was looking forward to.
    Could you please recommend me a venue at Edinburgh where I could find classes and also a place where I could find a salsa partner? (I'm male.) I guess I need a partner for classes.

    Any advice would be appreciated, as I am quite confused about what going on anyways :)
  2. Angel HI

    Angel HI Well-Known Member

    You'll probably get much better advice than mine, bu being an AT person, I did tango when I was there, but the tango group was well into swing and salsa, also. If you can find them (Argentine Tango Society of Edinburgh), they can help. If you don't get better advice, I'll look up their contacts for you.
  3. karel_evzen

    karel_evzen New Member

    Today is the societies fair, so I might meet someone from the tango society there, if this is what you meant.
    Thaks for the tip, I'll check it.
  4. sweavo

    sweavo New Member

    I'm sure someone will be along in the next 24 hours with experience of Edinburgh, but no, for salsa you normally don't need to bring your own partner. Usually people just couple up any old how, then change partners every few minutes during the class so everyone gets a dance with everyone else.
  5. Angel HI

    Angel HI Well-Known Member

  6. MacMoto

    MacMoto Active Member

    No. The Edinburgh salsa scene is always short of men, and a man *without* a partner would be in popular demand! Just turn up on your own and you'll be fine :D

    I assume things haven't changed much since I left Edinburgh 9 months ago.

    Possible places to try:

    28 York Place, with Lloyd & Carol Ann (my teachers, recommended)
    18:45 - 19:45 Beginners
    19:45 - 20:45 Improvers
    19:45 - 21:15 - Improvers/Intermediate
    20:45 - 22:15 - Intermediate/Advanced

    Medina, Lothian Street, with Janice (close to george sq, convenient from uni)
    7 - 8pm Beginners Level 1
    8 - 9pm Beginners Level 2
    9 - 10pm Improvers
    Club night after the classes is very popular

    City Cafe, 19 Blair St, with Sagi (city centre location off hunter sq)
    8pm Beginners
    9pm Improvers / Int

    Harry's Bar, Randolph Pl, with Janice (handy if you live in west end)
    7pm Complete Beginners
    8pm Improvers

    Cuba Norte, 192 Morrison St, with Orlando
    7-8pm Beginners
    8-9pm Improvers
    9-10pm Intermediate
    Club night here (from 10pm) was one of the main salsa nights in Edinburgh when I left.

    There are more classes - check

    Any questions, PM me :D
  7. karel_evzen

    karel_evzen New Member

    Nice list, thanks a lot. I in fact went on my own to Cuba Notre yesterday and it seemed ok but kind of small. There were only eight people though but I guess that is ok for Wednesday. They have classes Thuesday to Thursday which is nice.

    Would you recommed Cuba Notre for a complete beginner or should I also check another place? Like the 28 York Place?

    Oh and - it seems you know a lot, which club is the most frendlier one? I've met the owner of Cuba Notre in front of this club while deciding if I've got the balls to enter and he didn't help much :nope:
  8. karel_evzen

    karel_evzen New Member

    I've sent them email, thanks.
    (The university's tango society didn't know anything about salsa though, but I've learnt that there is a Edinburgh's tango soc which must be the one you meant.)
  9. MacMoto

    MacMoto Active Member

    In terms of teaching quality, I'd recommend Lloyd & Carol Ann. Orlando's classes are fun, but Lloyd & CA give you a solid technical foundation for you to build upon.

    I don't think there's much difference between venues... Once you start going regularly, you will notice same faces at many places. Say hello and introduce yourself, and soon you'll be part of the Edinburgh salsa crowd :)

    (And the owners of the CN are not particularly interested in salsa themselves - they've been trying to sell it on/turn it into a regular club for years)
  10. MacMoto

    MacMoto Active Member

    The Edinburgh tango society has a milonga every Sunday and practica every Tuesday at the Counting House (above the Blind Poet/Pear Tree, near university). Some of the regulars there also dance salsa.
  11. karel_evzen

    karel_evzen New Member

    Yesterday I was on my first class at CN at it was fun indeed. I've enjoyed it very much. I've decided to stay a watch the intermediate class though and it was like chaos on the dancefloor. :confused: I'm not judging as I wouldn't be able to do half of what they did - but still, it looked wierd. I hope I'll remain in the beginners as long as possible :p
    Oh, what a shame. I kind of liked this venue after all. I'll check Lloyd & Carol Ann on Monday. They are starting 5 classes beginners session on 22nd which could ensure continuous learning. I'm lucky I guess. :)
    I was curious about one thing though. I heard it's hard to get in as it's in a members club or something. Anybody wen't there lately?
  12. MacMoto

    MacMoto Active Member

    Yes the classes are held at a private club, so the front door's always locked. There will be someone (usually Lloyd's partner Jennifer) sitting behind the glass door to let people in before each class. If you arrive late and there's nobody, just ring the doorbell and tell the bar person that you are there for the salsa classes.
  13. karel_evzen

    karel_evzen New Member

    Ok, thanks for the info. I'm in touch with them right now so I guess "misson accomplished" :)

    You all have been very helpfull. I can learn salsa now. (And I've been waiting for this moment for like five years!) See ya on the dancing floor someday :cool:

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