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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by yippee1999, Apr 12, 2010.

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    Hey my P.R. homies! I’m going to be in San Juan April 29, 30 and May 1 and 2. Are there any live music events/concerts going on or can you direct me to a website that lists P.R. live music events? Also, I think I heard that the best place for dancing is er…that hotel that’s just around the corner from the El San Juan Hotel and Casino…some other hotel that I think is a bit closer to the airport…where people dance in some kind of lounge…and the dancing often spills out into the lobby just beyond the lounge? I DID go to this place a few years ago and it was good. Just wondering if that's still a good place...what nights there is dancing...and whether there are any comparable spots....

  2. yippee1999

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    club info

    Well my trip to P.R. has come and gone. I never got any info from anybody here (thanks alot! I apparently missed a concert with Gilberto Santa Rosa among others ;-) .......

    Anyway, I figured I'd come back and write what I learned, in case others do a P.R. club search here....

    As I found in 2006, Courtyard Marriott...or Marriott by Courtyard?? ....still seems to be one of the good places to go...It's in Carolina/Isla Verde....about 3 hotels past the Ritz Carlton. We went on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday nights and each time they had AWESOME live bands. While there were mainly couples there, my sister and I were able to find enough single guys to dance with, many of whom were very good dancers.

    What was nice about his venue was it was not 'clubby' at all. People were very polite and go there to DANCE. :)

    On Friday night we went to Latin Roots in Old San Juan. We didn't like it very much. Very crowded, loud, and not a very nice environment. It felt 'clubby'. It also had a horrible omnipresent 'dank' odor. We didn't care for the band there either.

    We also walked past Nuyorican in Old San Juan. While we'd heard it was the place to go, based on what we saw from the outside, we decided it wasn't our kind of place. Lots of young people in their 20s hanging outside drinking. We got the sense that inside it would be packed with people, hot, lots of people drinking, and little room to actually DANCE. So we didn't bother with the place.

    Also, here's a link for el Coliseo in San Juan, where they apparently have the occasional salsa concerts......
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    I wish I could have been of help, but I've never been to P.R. How did the dancing compare to salsa here? Better? Worse? Same? Different? Do they dance On1 or On2? I would love to visit P.R. sometime and include some salsa dancing while I'm there. :)
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    Hi Jenny. Overall the dancing was pretty similar to what I see in NYC. I'm not sure if it was luck, but most of the guys I danced with in P.R. were quite good, whereas in NYC it's hit or miss...some will be good dancers, others not so good.

    As to whether they danced ON 1 or 2, honestly I can't tell the difference anymore. I just go on auto-pilot and can dance either, depending on the guy. That said though, my sister (who was trained ON-1 but has been doing more ON-2 of late) seemed to think that most of the guys we danced with in P.R. were dancing ON-2.

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