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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by wyllo, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. no_name901

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    What would anyone suggest for someone who has thick heavy hair? I am currently growing it out, but anytime my friends slick it straight back it doesn't stay. Even with the got2be products and a blow drier, as it dries it looses the tightness. Also I haven't liked the way it looks with my face shape. It's to severe of a look I think. Any other hair styles I could try?
  2. fascination

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  3. TinyDancer109

    TinyDancer109 Well-Known Member

    side part maybe?
  4. ajiboyet

    ajiboyet Well-Known Member

    LOL!!!! (Emphasis added).
  5. Leon Theou

    Leon Theou Active Member

    I have similarly thick, heavy hair, I have not tried got2be, but from my experience with regular gels (mostly LA Looks Party Hard Mega Mega Hold), the biggest issue for me is getting adequate coverage of my hair. When I get the gel deep into my hair, and get a lot of it on there, my hair will stay nice and still. I only recently figured out how to do this, but my process is thus: First, wet hair, then dry with towel so that it is just a little moist. Next, put a quarter-sized dollop of gel in my hand, and run just a bit of water to mix with it. I work this into my hair with a scrunching motion in order to get the gel all the way down the shaft of the hair. I repeat this process several times, until I have used about an eighth of the bottle. I then use a brush to slick my hair back, starting with the back of my head, and working forward. This prevents my hair from poofing up as the gel dries. As a final touch, I spread some gel over the top of my slicked-back hair to give it an extra shine and hold
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    If your hair is drying out you aren't using enough product. Adding water is never a good idea: the gel is water soluble and its hold is weakened by adding water. Use more gel. Your hair should be drenched to the roots, and should be drenched through again every time you add another layer of gel and then hairspray. My hair was about 7 inches long (and I have thick, wavy Jewhair) before I chopped it off, and drying out was not an issue because I soaked it through with gel.
  7. ajiboyet

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    And sometimes rumba choreography makes ladies have to touch all this hair. I wonder how icky their hands feel after.
  8. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member

    No more icky than touching their own gooped-up hair probably...
  9. bluebereft

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    strangely enough, once it all dries the hair isn't goopy. it's just rock hard.

    i have fairly thick hair, and i find that working in the gel from the back works much better. work in the gel first, then slick back, or you might get loads of gel on the top layer but nothing beneath.
  10. Leon Theou

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    I only add water in order to facilitate soaking the gel into my own, as you so deftly put it, thick, wavy Jewhair.
  11. Benjy

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    I agree. And I still strongly argue against adding any water. If you need water to work it through, you just aren't using enough gel or working it through persistently enough.
  12. Peaches

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    *mini hijack;

    The last few posts remind me when I was in private school. There was always Rat Week early in the school year, which was the hazing-of-the-freshmen-by-the-seniors week. It always culminated in the Rat Trial, where the freshmen were (of course) all found guilty of...something...and then were taken out to a particular place and subsequently covered in lipstick and hair gel. Their hair would be soaked to the scalp with the stuff (and a fair bit smeared elsewhere, as well). That's all I can think about with you guys talking about soaking your hair in gel. LOL.

    *end hijack;
  13. fascination

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    re highjack; that may explain some things
  14. Leon Theou

    Leon Theou Active Member

    I did an experiment today, using greater quantities of undiluted gel. You are right, more gel is the solution. I did find that it was easier if I wet my hands to slightly dilute the gel for the first application of the gel, then once that was worked in, dry my hands and go with the undiluted stuff for the remainder of the styling process. The other thing I noticed is that I had an easier time keeping the hairdo slick and not poofy when I slicked my hair back, let it dry a little (to where my was still a little bit tacky), then combed it again.
  15. Benjy

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    What I might suggest gelling and combing into the shape you want, blow dry, then apply at least one more layer of gel and recomb just shallowly to reshape if it has deformed at all. Then blowdry again, repeat, etc, and then begin hair-spraying and blowdrying in as many layers as you need. I usually do two layers of gel (the first mixed with glue) followed by three layers of hairspray, then a shine oil
  16. ajiboyet

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    Glue? Goodness! The things we do in the name of dance...
  17. Benjy

    Benjy Member glue...
  18. ajiboyet

    ajiboyet Well-Known Member

    Thanks for clearing that up Benjy, because I got really scared...
  19. Arthanis

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    Pretty much what works for me.

    My hair is 'bout mid in thickness , but my bangs naturally follow a very flat angle from back to front , as I don't feel like growing out my hair too much , they can be a real drag to slick back.

    Here's what I do , get my hands wet and just run them back through my hair and then blow dry it in the same line to get the basic direction. After that I evenly apply just enough gel to cover every spot to the root and comb it into a crude shape. Then repeat that 2-3 more (layers) times , gradually adding more detail on the shape and adding more and more blow drying. Once the shape is as close to perfect as I can get it , I blow dry to the point of almost solid (not 100% crunchy or I wont be able to fix something going wrong). Finally hair spray + blow drying in 2 more layers. Add random product for shine (pref. oily and NOT watery).
    Taking 20 to 30 mins of work depending on my mood.

    Also here's what I've so far found to be less effective.
    - Just hair spray , not enough , it can create a hold , but it just doesn't weight down the hair into that slicky look.
    -Most wax/gum product since they are thick will need less application and they will give you an easy time styling , but blow drying them will give an undesirably low amount of hold as they are intended to leave your hair flexible , from there on I still find hair spray to be not enough.
    -Soaking the hair in gel in one go , styling then blow drying (instead of layers) , not a bad tactic , BUT it will take a longer time to dry and once it does I don't feel that it retained the "prefect" shape I made, the one layers gradually build.
    -Mixing gel with any amount of water or hair spray while you style , as them being solvents I don't recommend it , I especially noticed that a big amount of hair spray on top of gel that didn't somewhat dry is a bad idea. (Though if I have to fix something , but I'm almost dried out , I solve up that area with hair spray and then fix it , saving me from a restart on the work.)

    Better products , different combs , nice haircut , some practice and a lot of patience will be beneficial.

    My 2 hopefully helpful cents. :cool:
  20. DanceGeek

    DanceGeek Member

    Very helpful post. But can you elaborate on the 'random product for shine'? I have no experience with any 'shine' products for hair. Thanks!

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