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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by budebuai, Apr 1, 2006.

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    Grinding vs Balleroom

    It all really depends on the setting. With a ballet background I certainly don't recognize grinding as dance, but I will still do it for the short-term thrill. To go out and do actual dancing, ie., ballroom, takes a much more specific venue and a man who's capable of it (and there just aren't enough). Besides, in high school especially, not all people have the chance to learn proper dancing, but anyone can grind.
    As for breaking out in proper swing, salsa, or a cha-cha-cha at a high school dance: it's always appreciated and amazing to watch. Several couples did this at my senior prom (I'm a recent graduate) and everyone just stopped to watch them.
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    welcome to oDF, ballet.romance.
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    Ditto; welcome to DF! :cheers:

    Thanks for sharing your perspective with us, and looking forward to seeing you around the forums. :D
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    Yikes. I remember being shocked that people were basically dry humping eachother through their $500 prom gowns and rented tuxedos! I guess I'm a tad conservative. Certain moves in rumba even make me blush, and the only body to body connection is the hands. My two cents: grinding is NOT dancing in any way or form.
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    Not sure how old this particular grinding thread is.

    All I know is partner dancing, so grinding is a foreign concept to me. I had tried to learn free-style back circa 1970, but my "teacher"-then-wife didn't know what she was doing and so proceeded to brainwash me for 2.5 decades that I could never ever possibly learn to dance. Today, while I often receive compliments for my dancing *, I still have not learned to free-style, which is not helped by free-style not being very interesting to someone who knows how to dance with a partner. There there were recent discussions here with members who wished certain dances to go away because they were not "pure" enough in their opinion.

    [* FOOTNOTE: Last night, we went to the dance in the Great Park of Orange County where Steve Lucky and his Rhumba Bums performed. Before the dance, there was a beginning ECS class and I joined in, as is my duty, to try to balance the class out. As we were leaving, a young girl in the back of one of the electric carts ferrying people out to their cars yelled out, "Hey look! It's the guy who knew how to dance!" May our numbers grow ever larger!]

    But what really matters is that we get out there and dance. We may view grinding with ... whatever emotions motivating avoidance ... , but at least those people are getting out there and dancing. We may avoid venues where most everybody free-style (I certainly do), but at least those people are getting out there and dancing. And if, as ballet.romance described, there are couples at those events who can show the others the incredible possibilities to dance, then so much the better.

    Even though we would not want to engage in those styles, hurray that they're dancing! (and the secret hope that it will open them up to the really good stuff!)
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    The same thing happens at college dance clubs... I have lots of friends with stories of doing what they described as mediocre cha or samba and having the floor clear.

    Like DW I avoid freestyle dancing... I tend to dance more with my feet than my body when without a partner and that is a bit opposite of what is expected. That and I'm a bit picky about music to begin with; a lot of newer music does nothing for me.
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    I'm not so keen about having the floor clear to watch us at formal...they should all just keep on dancing and let us have our fun. I don't really like being watched much.
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    Sure it's a dance. It's a dance for talentless half-wits who want to be on youtube.
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    This basically works everywhere... school dances, parties, clubs
    I'm a real club-junkie :p and whenever i hear a jive or a cha cha....i ask a girl from dance-class to dance with me. and i've seen people clear the floor and take pictures and stuff

    P.S. IMO grinding is dancing...You just have to know how to do it properly without it looking too slutty
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    Dancing or dry humping - I just remind myself that waltz scandalize many when it was first introduce as a ballroom dance. Other dances of more recent vintage that were branded indecent by some at that time include Charleston, Lindy Hop and other swing dances of the jazz era, and WCS and other swing dances of the early rock'n'roll era.

    Years from now we have middle age couples at their high school reunions grinding. Wonder what the kids will think when they see that?
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    Grinding should come under the word 'demeaning' in a dictionary...

    It's as much related to dancing as a steak on a vegetarian menu.
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    Flash, you ever broken out and done some soft shoe at a club?
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    And don't forget the all infamous tango before it became a ballroom dance
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