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    I would like to introduce everyone to Kenny Del Toro from Texas. He is an amazing Cha Cha dancer and Salsero. He has just released his first instructional DVD called UnderGround Cha Cha Advanced Level. This DVD is one of the best DVD's I have seen. Over a 1 minute and 25 sec worth of turn patterns with very few basics in between. If you want to take your Cha Cha to the next level this is the perfect DVD. The DVD is 48 minutes along and he does quick and detailed explanations of his six combinations. Perfect for any Intermediate or Advance Dancer.

    Learn more at and watch Kenny Dance Cha-Cha with Gabby. You will be amazed!

    Plus Learn more about Jorge Elizondo's Learn to Dance Bachata DVD Series and World Bachata Boot Camp Tour.

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