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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by BlueBambue, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. White Chacha

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    Right you are, TT. Most RD leaders do not teach any technique. Also, it's not generally a competitive dance style. There is an international organization and their website is at . Round dancing is practiced in most countries where Modern Western Square Dance is done, and that's many more countries than you'd think.
  2. White Chacha

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    This site http://www. , has a description of what Round Dancing is. Beware that the page starts a video with music when you visit the url. (When will site designers learn?).
  3. mummsie

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    Our version of the barn dance ends in a rotary chasse :) mummsie
  4. mummsie

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    Very interesting. I always though round dancing is what we call square dancing where its country music with the caller telling you what to do. :) Looks like fun. New Vogue is very different - similar concept in that everybody is doing the same steps at the same time, but there are usually only 16 or 32 bars in each sequence depending on the dance :) Also there is no caller - everybody knows the steps which are written in the two bibles of New Vogue Dancing - the sequence is repeated for the lenght of the song.
    Here is another example of New Vogue dancing including the 'Gypsy Dance' that is being taught at the studio in the USA which started this thread. The dances are the Charmaine and the Gypsy Tap which is a march rhythm. These dancers are fairly beginners - it is a combined Level 1/2 event. The guys with tails are level 2.
    I should be able to post some more in the next week or so which features my son - the video was taken from the grandstand so you can better see what is going on. Its hard to look at it from ground level and see how it all works.
  5. kayak

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    Thanks ... So NV needs to have a shorter sequence because the dancers have to remember the pattern on their own. Adding a caller for Round Dance allows for the special choreographing to specific songs?

    Does NV have the same step levels ideas as Round Dance? My RD neighbors took me to a dance a couple of times and they had three levels based on the number of patterns you were proficient at.
  6. mummsie

    mummsie Member

    Hi Kayak, The music for NV is phrased so that it lines up with the sequence. Easy to tell if you are out of whack. The steps are the same for all levels from beginner to professional - just the arm styling is different and as you progress from Level 1 (begginer) to Level 5 (Open) and beyond you become more adept at making it more flowing and graceful. I don't know if you watched the last winter olympics but the ice dancing had an event which I would consider along the same lines. They had a sequence that they had to perform in time to the music - the advantage they had was they were on the ice on their own - in NV there can be up to 15 couples on the floor at once. Its very easy to see who has good footwork and styling though when you are lined up against each other doing the same steps at the same time. :) - mummsie
  7. katen

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  8. Easy

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    New Vogue doesn't sound appealing to me. So I guess I'm saying I don't think it will catch on ;)
  9. mummsie

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    Which is a real shame because its great for social dancers. Everybody can get up and dance with complete strangers and know what the steps are. - mummsie
  10. QPO

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    Now Easy, I am surprised you would say that, you come across as a progressive sort of guy!. I think until you try it it is hard to Judge. The steps are modern steps, the dances are done in levels of difficutly, and can look great done by the higher level dancers.

    As we say don't knock it until you try it :rolleyes: I hope it does catch on I would love to come on a holiday to the US and dance all style across the USA.

  11. delamusica

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    That's true in ballroom too . . . it just involves learning to lead & follow, which is sort of the point of partner dancing, right?

    I guess I see it as being not great for social dancing (likely to promote lack of lead & follow and/or backleading, I think) . . .

    But at the same time, I think it would make for very interesting competition - takes the choreography component out and just judges relative levels of execution.

    All this said with the understanding, of course, that I have never done it.
  12. mummsie

    mummsie Member

    In some ways its true about the lack of lead and follow but in some cases people aren't capable of following. I know - I am a teacher and I have had beginners for 12 months who are still not able to follow a standard dance but have no problems working out patterns in a new vogue dance. It just gives everybody an opportunity to get up and have fun without having to think too much or getting uptight because they can't follow correctly.

    Competition wise - yes its much easier to judge a new vogue competition because you can tell who is out of time or who isn't doing the correct foot work and foot positions. New Vogue is technically very challenging when you get to top competition level. - mummsie
  13. Easy

    Easy Active Member

    Sorry I've been a bump on a log lately, but it still doesn't appeal to me lol ;) If I tried it, maybe I'd like it.
  14. wooh

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    The electric slide of ballroom? :p
  15. BasicsFirst

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    Yes, but we already have LINE dancing of nearly every shape and form (which isn't my bag either - I'm with Easy on this one), and with LINE dancing you don't even need a partner.
  16. QPO

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    I am glad that I am more open to try new things, I would even give American smooth a try, as I don't see that as true ballroom with all the breaks, but it looks good for a cabaret.
  17. WaltzElf

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    Easy - pity you might not get a chance to try it.

    By far the best dancing there is. I'd rather do New Vogue than standard or latin any day of the week.

    But I understand America's relucatance to try it. I'd never lower myself to American Smooth either, which looks ridiculous to me, too. ;)
  18. latingal

    latingal Well-Known Member

    Let's not get insulting, we try to be civilized here on DF.
  19. mummsie

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    I agree - lets keep this nice. I have a DVD of the last year's Ohio Star Ball that was televised and the American Smooth has its place in the danceworld as well as New Vogue. (I have all 5 DVD's actually - Ballroom, Latin, Rythem, Smooth and the playoff) - it is beautiful and flowing to watch. If any of you Aussie guys want a copy let me know - all I want is postage costs and I can copy it for you. I did however find it very annoying when last year we were on a cruise ship and there were people doing American Smooth with flailing arms in a very small area. It seemed they found it impossible to doing anything that didn't cause us to duck and weave :) We simply moved away and danced on the carpet.- mummsie
  20. Lioness

    Lioness Well-Known Member

    I agree with you there. All of my favourite dances are New Vogue, and in general it's preferable over the other styles. I still like latin and standard though.

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