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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by dancelvr, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. raindance

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    Actually, that's not true. A second (or third) in an uncontested heat is last place. A first is a first, though less significant than a contested first. I've seen second places in uncontested heats.

    And ... it's not the fault of the dancer that their heat(s) was/were uncontested. They've got no control over who else shows up in their age, division, etc.

    Not that I think bragging about uncontested firsts is really cool. (Bragging in general is not so cool, but anyway.) But they still went out and danced and earned that much. Which is more than you can say for whoever else didn't show up to compete against them. Let them enjoy it, it's not hurting anyone else.
  2. snapdancer

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    What you say is true. but whether first place in an uncontested heat is also last place is optional depending on how you look at it.

    Oh, I do. If they don't already understand that, I'm not going to disturb their happiness. If they're happy spending their money that way, I'm happy to let them. The way I look at it, they're subsidizing the local dance industrial complex that I use, keeping the studio lights on and paying instructors to keep things going.
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  3. flying_backwards

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    I agree. That is also why I keep quiet and even hesitate to chime in here, lest this thread open eyes that would prefer blissful ignorance. A lot of marketing, not just in dance, is based on consumers wanting to fool themselves, to buy happiness.

    If I thought more potential competitors were turned off by doing their research before jumping in than return customers ("competitors") content with the way it is, then I'd pull back the curtain. I rationalize my keeping quiet by telling myself that if someone can see what's going on, they can also find the other options for real competition. The best feature of o2cm is its visibility and persistent online record. If a comp hides its scoresheets and field sizes then it has something to hide.
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  4. Mr 4 styles

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    If you win an uncontested heat.... you win no debate. It's not your fault that no one was brave enough to challenge you. I got 800 dollars in scholarship money recently coz no one tried to to take it from me !!:eek::(:Do_O
  5. flying_backwards

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    Ah @Mr4Styles this was your Appearance Fee and well deserved I am sure! Way to represent the pro-am gentleman's side. If I had an opportunity like that I'd cash the check. :) But isn't it rare they still award scholarship if fewer than 3 couples?
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  6. sbrnsmith

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    I have seen a similar situation with a local studio. A lady who lost her husband a few years ago and is still grieving for that loss, started classes at this studio. She got sucked into dance and began competing pro am. She still has no idea about scoring, uncontested heats etc. she thinks she's first in uncontested heats, and second if there are 2 contestants. Her pro is unscrupulous and does not enlighten her. The studio itself is a social dance studio and all the other dancers there have no idea about competition. This lady has not been improving but she thinks she is. It's cringeworthy to read some of her FB posts boasting of her 'wins'. I have not spoken to her about this. I figure it's not my business. Plus dance gives her something to do, and she seems to have the income to spend. I wonder though, at what point is it unto someone else to have a 'talk' with her....she's spending thousands of dollars. The pro is an average pro, and she does not have much chance of improving and has not improved with him.
  7. Mr 4 styles

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    Great gatsby gala pays full prize no matter what. Oh and the comp is a blast
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  8. Larinda McRaven

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    ...ssoooooo.... let's take the conversation back to the original topic. O2cm. And let's leave uncontested heats, and the negative attitude towards them out of the discussion.
  9. DanceMentor

    DanceMentor Administrator

    From my own observations I don't think we will ever know the full story of what went into the decision making process to remove o2cm. The NDCA offers very little information to the public. I don't know whether it is by intent or just because they don't update their website very often. In either case, we are left to guess. :)

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