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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by GoldStar, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. GoldStar

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    Thanks everybody.

    bia - Thank you! I dance according to the Arthur Murray syllabus, which is the American Smooth Of curse. But I did taught myself some basic groups in International so I know some steps and they are not so different than the American Style steps and the thechnique is the same of curse.

    twofourthreeone and all the rest - Thank you! You all right and I got you. My trip is in the end of march so I would try to get some lessons by some International coaches here. Hope they will agree, because with all the irony - the best teachers in the world seems to agree to teach anyone who has enough enthusisasm, but in Israel they teach the only ones who really want to compete and the ones that will spread their name locally.

    Thank you very much!
    I will update you and ask more questions in the near future.
  2. jerseydancer

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    I do not mean to sound harsh (that what people always say when they know it will be harsh:). But even the fact that you think that you can learn dancing from tapes tells me it is too early. Take lessons from teachers here who train competitive dancers here in USA, AM is not the school for that. It is great for beginners and for social dancers, but with few exceptions, I do not know any top level couples who compete internationally and takes lessons in AM, or FE. Even then just one lesson would not really do much. It is fun for sure, but in the aspect of learning, you may find better value from taking block of lessons from the same teacher here.

    Also, I do not think they could be big help in American Smooth in Italy. If you want to improve you dancing in smooth, you should take lessons from smooth dancers. I do not know any world champions in smooth that are located in Italy
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  3. jerseydancer

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    Mirko does teach in English with no problems. He gave few seminars in Boston. His english is fine
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  4. sudoplatov

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    Should you get some lessons, let us know how it went.
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  5. twothreefourone

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    A good idea for Goldstar's next vacation perhaps :) The intercontinental commute would probably negate the value of block bookings. Although, saying that, I've probably had more coaching in NYC than in the UK, go figure!
  6. twnkltoz

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    I have had many one-off lessons and learned a lot in each one. If I had the opportunity to take just one lesson from a world champion, I'd jump at the chance. But then, I'm already a professional and I've been dancing for many years. At your apparent level, I would think you would get just as much from lower level coaches for less money. However, if this is a once-in-a-decade or more opportunity, and you can get them to teach you, and you have the expendable income, and you can get really solid on some international basics beforehand, and you have a thick skin, go for it.
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  7. ajiboyet

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    Quite the list...LOL. Important, though.

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