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Discussion in 'Videos' started by Mladenac, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. tangomonkey

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    Sorry, but one can only read so much of this line of talk, day after day...

    In case it isn't obvious, Belgrade is not downtown BsAs. A simple google search lists dozens of milongas in BsAs. Traditional Golden Age, nuevo, neo and gay focused. The "way tango is danced in BsAs" appears more varied than you would have us believe.
  2. gniksic

    gniksic New Member

    Well that's allright, because they wouldn't dance like that in a milonga. You would know if you had seen them at a milonga.

    I really have to ask you something: have you ever seen any of the dancers that you call "non-social" at an actual milonga? Or do you judge them only by their demos?

    Well, guess what: even Tete didn't obey the rules of tango demos/performances that you made up. Did that make him a non-social dancer? Or a non-milonguero? (I'd be more than glad to spam you to death with youtube clips that prove what I'm trying to say. But elsewhere, as it would be off-topic here :)

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