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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by tuxedosam, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. tuxedosam

    tuxedosam New Member

    Hi ladies, anyone of you have previous experience with Paoul dance shoes, another Italian brand besides Dance Naturals? I personally wear a lot of Dance Naturals shoes but there are some Paoul style I like... If you have had Paoul shoes before, could you please share your experience. How do they feel compared to other dance shoes? I am seeking advice in both Standard and Latin shoes. Thanks.
  2. DancerForLife

    DancerForLife Member

    I had a pair of both.

    The standard was comfortable, molded to my foot well, but funny enough the heel part got kind of unstable after a couple of comps. You know, when you put the shoe on, the heel moves under your weight too much... Other than that no complaints; though that was the reason I never went back to that brand (there are other brands that fit just as well).

    As for latin, the pair I had was flexible and had nice padding under the balls of my feet so they were comfortable. I remember there was something funny with the shape of the front of the shoe, but that was an issue with my foot more than anything to do with the shoe itself.

    Based on my experience I'd put Paoul below Dance Naturals and Supadance but above Dance Internationals, Freed, Katz, Diamant etc. in terms of comfort and workmanship.
  3. Katarzyna

    Katarzyna Well-Known Member

    I had a pair of standard shoes.. had to sell them because they really didin't work for my feet.. not comfortable for me..
  4. Anna

    Anna New Member

    From the flared vs. slim thread, it looks like a number of people dancing for the UK are wearing Freed (slim heel with a strap, too, which I've been looking all over for...). But you've had problems with Freed? I've never tried a pair.
  5. Laura

    Laura New Member

    I wore Freed for Standard for a while, and the only problem I've had is that a heel broke off once! It just pulled away from the rest of the shoe on one side, and the little connecting nails were showing.

    The only reason why I stopped wearing Freed is because they stopped making the style I was wearing.

    A friend of mine used to wear Freed Latin, and she complained that the straps wore out and padding broke down faster than some of the other brands she tried. I think she wears International now.

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