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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by DanceMentor, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. mambo_munkey

    mambo_munkey New Member

    Well, I would definetely have to agree that its popularity has died down quite a bit since I started playing 3 years ago, but down here in Phoenix there are still those of us who continue playing. (pretty religiously in fact :oops: ) I think it's a great way to exersize and have fun at the same time. Did you ever get into DDR much cocodrilo?
  2. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    I too know quite a few people who enjoy doing it. me? I would rather work on those upper body isolations to take my dancing to the next level. But, that's me.
  3. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    I have to confess I have never tried it! My place is definitely not in a video arcade, where they had those games, and I never visited anyone's home that had the game. Oh well, nothing beats real dancing, anyhow! 8)
  4. kyah

    kyah New Member

    Hey guys. Sorry for the absence. Bemani games are great. You bring up one game and the rest follow. Para Para then DDR :)

    HAHAHA Real Dancing... just goofy.


    or if you just want to quickly see a video...

    I host a growing number of fan made files that serve as instructional videos.

    Small background to Para Para:
    (Pronounced pah lah pah lah)

    This type of dance originated from Japan and mostly emulating 70s disco moves (Saturday Night Fever - watch some of the arm movements). Most of the music was imported from Italy (type of music was called Italo Disco.) Now the music is called Eurobeat and is still held in a few venues that still attract dancers once a week.

    Choreography is integral part of Para Para. The moves are not random and are danced in synchronization. *Please do not flame me for this - but it is like country line dancing... only more emphasis placed in the hands and arms.*

    Para Para began gaining popularity and turned a few heads at Konami which then produced a game version to be used in arcades. Note: Para Para is not DDR for your hands. (There are more movements than four arrows can ever allow.) Around the same time a group was created consisting of young women to be placed at the forefront of promoting Para Para. Known as the Para Para Allstars, they began filming a series which has become the starting point for new enthusiasts.

    This group was disbanded in 2002 but I, like so many fans, still get more people to join our effort. Eurobeat artists are very aware that their songs are being danced to as Para Para. Please take a look at my site and maybe this will interest you and make you move as well.

    Thank you and feel free to message me if you have any other question


    PS if you are in the Phoenix area and become interested please contact me... I would love to make a new dancing partner!

    or if you just want to quickly see a video...

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