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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by squirrel, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. squirrel

    squirrel New Member

    I am going to Paris for a week, in the period April 18th - April 25th... and I would just love to check out the local Salsa scene... so, could you guys and gals recommend Salsa clubs I should go to?
    I have to tell you I only dance LA style... I've tried Cuban and followed pretty well... on2 is still impossible for me :)
    So, any suggestions?
    Or is there any one who is registered on this site and lives in Paris or is there in the above mentioned period... and would like to give me a tour of the city?
    :)) thanks in advance
  2. MapleLeaf Salsero

    MapleLeaf Salsero New Member

    Paris? I went to Paris but didn´t have the chance to salsa. I was a beginner then and wanted to check out the salsa clubs but unfortunately, my friend didn´t like dancing so we didn´t go. :cry:

    I´m sure Lily can give you the information you want or other DF members.

    P.S. Paris is a very beautiful city. Definitely worth visiting. :D
  3. Genesius Redux

    Genesius Redux New Member

    Well, let's see--I just visited Paris for a short lunch date two weeks ago, but you know the Champs Elysee is sooooooo yesterday's news and....

    Gosh, I feel so sorry for you, Squirrel! Let's get this straight--the dilemma you face is which salsa clubs to go visit in Paris? In the good ole U S of A, we're here doing our taxes and you're wringing your hands about where to dance in Paris??????? :shock:

    :lol: I have no idea where to dance in Paris, I wish I did! :lol: You have yourself a blast, and have a crocque monsieur and double spin for me!


  4. squirrel

    squirrel New Member

    thanks guys... hope to have a good time in Paris... I'll be there for a seminar... job-related stuff...
    please, maybe there's someone out there who knows Paris... :)

    PS: Genesius, I'm Romanian, your American taxes have nothing to do with me... and to be honest, I would've preferred to go to LA... but... sometimes one has to settle for what one can :)
  5. salsaForfun

    salsaForfun New Member is definitively the place to go for information.
    There are nice people there. People answer fast. Lot of salsa addicted there. You might find some forum users to guide you around. At, least it happens in the past for some people who asked the same question as you do. Good luck. If you have probvem with french don't hesitate to contact me. For information they use to call LA Style "Porto on 1". I'm unfortunately not in Paris but in Germany.
    hope it helps.

  6. Wazymollo

    Wazymollo New Member

    I cannot miss that one!

    Many clubs, below are some of them:

    - Les Etoiles: Mambo, Salsa dura, Latin Jazz
    - Les Etoiles: mixed salsa music: salsa dura, cuban, mambo, etc,;action=display;threadid=1233
    - La Pachanga: mixed music (with cuban music mainly)

    Sunday:- Le Barrio Latino: big day on Sunday 25, see;action=display;threadid=2033
    - Le Monte Cristo Café: cuban music

    Les Etoiles: Les Etoiles, 61 rue du château d'eau, 75010 Paris. Métro: Château d'eau

    Le Barrio Latino
    46/48, rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine
    75011 Paris
    M° : Bastille
    Tél :

    Monte Cristo Café
    68, avenue des Champs-Elysées
    75008 Paris
    M° : Franklin Roosevelt

    More info and Salsa clubs in Paris + pictures:

    Enjoy your stay in Paris !
  7. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to the Forums Wazymollo, and thanks for all the information you provided!
  8. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums, Wazymollo. :D
  9. Wazymollo

    Wazymollo New Member

    Thanks guys for the welcome !

    Squirrel: you are lucky, this week-end in Paris gonna be beautiful & sunny !

    Sorry I won't be around this week-end to be your guide, may be next time.

  10. squirrel

    squirrel New Member

    Wazymollo, thanks a lot! and welcome!
    Yes, the week in Paris was great! I only went to La Pachanga, and had a lot of fun. Maybe next time you'll be around and we get to dance :)
    Thank you again! And thanks to anybody else who bothered to answer!
  11. pepe

    pepe New Member

    oh I am sorry I missed this topic.

    Paris is great, one of the best. Oh boy.

    The only city in world I saw dancers singing and dancing! All club! Latinos and French. Whata joy!
  12. tintinnabula

    tintinnabula New Member

    This is great! I will be in Paris this August...this will be very useful. Now I don't have to do research.
  13. Alias

    Alias Member

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