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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by dansa, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. dansa

    dansa New Member

    So one of my obsessions is to get the perfect point of foot, as for me it is very important for the apperance while dancing.
    My goal is to be able to have the same foot silhuette and point as following pictures (see my 2 files attached "pointing foot 1 & pointing foot 2" )...

    But it feels impossible for me!
    Please have a look on my own feet when i point as much as possible! (My foot 1 & My foot 2 files)
    You can barerly see any pointing, although im really putting in alot of effort!!
    At this point im wondering..

    A) Is it the Shoes fault?
    B) Is it because im flatfoot and i will never be able to get a nice point?
    C) Or is it something else?

    I mean as you can see im using Carmen Shoe by Rayrose, which i cut off the T-bar strap cause its easier to flex the foot like this for me without it. But im wondering, maybe my problem is the shoe, or maybe it isnt? Then im thinking and looking on my flatfoot (yes i suffer from that :( ) and ask myself, maybe i never will be able to get a nice point because of how my foot is constructed?

    Can you help me solve my foot problem? I really want to get that nice silhoutte like on the pics.

    THANKS alot! :banana:

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  2. mamboqueen

    mamboqueen Well-Known Member

    To me, the shoe looks too long on your foot. I buy my shoes smaller so that my toes (usually that freakish second toe) are touching the floor when I point my foot. You look like you have too much shoe on the floor. Just my opinion, tho.
  3. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    I would look into a half-size or a full size smaller shoe as it's definitely too long. You might also consider a different style with an ankle strap instead of a t-strap with the T cut off, which in my experience weakens the shoe.

    NURDRMS Well-Known Member

    I was once told by a world-class coach that it's not the pointing of the toes that makes the foot look good but the intentional "arching" of the arch. To practice this I was told to stand in a doorway, holding onto the frame and balance the balls of my feet on tennis balls. Then raise and lower my body thru the intentional arching and relaxing of my arches and ankles. works for me.
  5. mamboqueen

    mamboqueen Well-Known Member

    Interesting...I have been told to focus on raising the ankle and pushing as hard as you can through the top of the foot (middle part). Probably the same effect....
  6. dansa

    dansa New Member

    The thing is i was aware of this problem so i bought my shoes half a size too small.. In fact, when im not pointing my feet, my big toe is hanging over the shoe (which i bought on purpose like that).. And then when i point the toes "shrink" a bit so it looks like this...

    But then again i didnt choose the most flexible shoe either.. :(

    NURDRMS Well-Known Member

    Yep, sounds like the same concept.
  8. dansa

    dansa New Member

    i totally agree!
    but i seem to have problems with my archs, thanks to my flatfoot. Its like i dont manage to point my foot nicely cause of how my foot is constructed...

    i hope if i do this excercise it will work?
  9. mamboqueen

    mamboqueen Well-Known Member

    Something weird about that. When I'm just standing in my shoes, my big toe and second toe slightly hang over. When I point my toes, they pretty much *just* reach the end of the shoe. I think we need an digit(al) engineer here to figure out why your shoes have so much overhang while pointing if the toes are hanging over so much when you're not.

    P.S. And I'm flatfooted, too. :(
  10. Larinda McRaven

    Larinda McRaven Site Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, the energy isn't supposed to go just downward. You must also pull UP on the vamp (top of the foot). When you only point downward it tends to shrink or crimp the toes, shortening the length of the foot, which is probably why the shoes look too long. Pulling up on the vamp will keep the toes more relaxed and longer (and useable!)

    As well when you point there is a slight rolling or turn out that exposes the arch forward that give the illusion that you are pointed a little more than you are, also extending the leg line. The point should more touch the smaller toes to the floor rather than just just the front two toes.
  11. dansa

    dansa New Member

    Very interesting Larinda, thanks!
    However (maybe its cause my english is not the best)
    but im not understanding 100% what you mean with pull up the vamp?
    Or what you are trying to explain what i should do instead?
    Could you please explain again if possible, maybe in other words, cause i really would like to understand and try this out!

    THANKS ALOT! :):banana:
  12. Angel HI

    Angel HI Well-Known Member

    Good post, LM, or maybe it's b/c I instruct this in the same way. :)

    Dansa, think of it as keeping tone throughout the shin and quads (front of the leg and thigh). This sense of pulling up through the leg lengthens the stretch at the front (top or instep...front of the ankle) part of the foot, which illudes to a visually longer point. LM's background in this is extensive, perhaps she'll add something more profound.
  13. Bella

    Bella New Member

    Partially the shoes. Try a pair half or full size lower.

    It's going to be difficult to get the most gorgeous point with a flatfoot but your point isn't bad :smile:. Alot of people tend to point from their toes, but you have to stretch through your entire foot. It's hard to explain, wish I could just show you. You can get one of those exercise stretch bands and curl the balls of your feet over the band to improve your arch/point.

    What exercise I do: When I stretch my feet, I will stretch them in three parts. First I flex them, then I push the balls of my feet forward (almost pointing without the toes), then extend the stretch to the toes (Jazz 101). I do it realllllyyyy slow. I'm not good at explanations in writing so hopefully this helps!!!
  14. Bella

    Bella New Member

    Excellent advice :smile:
  15. dansa

    dansa New Member

    Ok i think i got it now.. I think im understanding what u mean!
    Gonna practise that a bit..

    However i wonder if anyone knows if to be able to flex the foot perfectly, if it takes time to built up somekind of strength in the foot to be able to flex more? Like in a way it makes sense, sort of to be able to make a split for example i should stretch everyday etc, and to be able to flex my foot perfectly i should try everyday and practise to flex it like you say, so after sometime maybe i train my foot and its easier to flex it like that?
    Right, huh?

    However im also gonna give another pair of shoes a shot too.. I think mainly its my fault, but i think with a very flexible pair of shoes, it should improve a bit... Just ordered a pair of Aida, (the ones that looks like extremely flexible in the karina smirnoff video) and i will take a picture of me in them pointing and we see if there will be a difference, lol :D
  16. mamboqueen

    mamboqueen Well-Known Member

    Here's an exercise someone gave me. I sit down in a chair (I do this at work, in fact), with socks but no shoes. I put my legs and feet together and then turn my toes under and push through the front of the foot. Not good to do on a hard on carpeting. I don't do this consistently enough to tell you that my foot pointing is better, but just from what it feels like, I think it would help.
  17. dansa

    dansa New Member

    cool thanks! :) :cheers:
    gonna try it right now in fact, as im in the office, without shoes and we have carpetfloor :)

    thanks alot!!!
  18. dansa

    dansa New Member

    if anyone has more excersise tips that works for better flex/pointing i would appreciate alot! :) :D
  19. QPO

    QPO New Member

    So much to learn about pointing a foot, that is why i Love DF :)
  20. waltzgirl

    waltzgirl Active Member

    Did you know ballet dancers have foot "falsies" to give themselves a better looking arch? They slip on over the top of the foot and give that outward curve. I wonder if they would show under fishnets? :D

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