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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by Beccajelly, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. njdancegirl

    njdancegirl Active Member

    I am a Carmen and Cyclone wearer...wider forefoot...both are excellent. Carmen are more pinky toe issues and straps don't seem to stretch out as quickly.
  2. lcdancesport

    lcdancesport Active Member

    I wear the earthquake model and really like the support. I also have a pair of the cyclones but need to sell them because they're too wide for my narrow feet. Anyone want them??
  3. mamboqueen

    mamboqueen Well-Known Member pinky slippage with this shoe. Very supportive. Not sure I could go back to strappy on both sides of the foot after this shoe :).
  4. sambanada

    sambanada Active Member

    great shoe, but rips fast
  5. _malakawa_

    _malakawa_ New Member

    i have drizzle. and i can say that they are very stable. i also have 3,5" heel so it is important that they are balanced very well.
  6. dansa

    dansa New Member

    What size are your cyclone?

    Me i have a pair of brand new (got as gift) Carmen size uk 6.5, 3inch heel for sale if anyone is interested!
  7. dansa

    dansa New Member

    im currently wearing 3 inch heel, and normally i dance better the higher the heel is.. im thinking of buying my next shoe 3.5 inch, do you find that there is a big difference? with a very flexible shoe, do you feel that you can lack of balance sometimes cause its quite high the heel?

    i mean im used to high heels but im not sure how it feels to dance in a pair that are flexible as well...
    thanks for feedback
  8. sambagirl

    sambagirl Member

    Love, love, love my Ray Rose Blizzards. I went through (in order) International Nadia, Capezio Latina, Supadance 1066, and Ray Rose Cyclone before settling on the Blizzard. The Internationals just weren't very balanced, Capezio didn't fit well, Supadance's heel cup (regular rounded back) ended up hurting my heel, and Cyclones are a little too wide in the forefoot. Blizzards are perfect for my low forefoot and very narrow heel, and the heel placement is perfect for balance. I haven't had a problem with the satin straps ever breaking, but my forefoot is very narrow and I keep the instep strap very tight so my foot doesn't slide forward. My pinky toes come out the side (since I buy the shoes very small), but I've just gotten used to dancing with them that way.

    I feel balanced, I feel the floor, and I can point my foot with ease out of the box. What more could you ask?
  9. _malakawa_

    _malakawa_ New Member

    it is totally different. 3,5" is very high.

    my suggestion is that you stay on 3". it has the best balance.

    when i bought this high one, from the beginning i had no balance. i was on my toes. and you can't stretch your legs so much, because your legs are already stretch.
  10. dansa

    dansa New Member

    yeah maybe you are right.. at least for now best is to stay at 3 inch cause at least they are confortable as they are..
    but why do people choose 3.5 if its like you say? just wondering if maybe others feel like me, that the higher the heel is the easier it is to dance?
  11. _malakawa_

    _malakawa_ New Member

    dancing for woman depends on a heel a lot. when heel is higher automatically your center is moving up and forward.

    and if you are not used to high heel it can trow you out of balance.

    i bought them just to see how is to dance in them. mostly i am using them for AT. when it comes to latin i prefer my 3" heel.

    i love heel - almost all my regular shoes are 4/5" heel.

    also, when a heel is high your feet are under a lot of stress.
  12. latingal

    latingal Well-Known Member

    Hi Bella! I love my RR shoes. I have tried the monsoons, cyclones, carmens, and earthquakes.

    The RR shoes do have what they call a "centered heel", where the shoe heel is placed nearer the center of the heel of the foot. It seems to give better balance and take pressure off the ball of the foot.

    As for my impressions of the different models?

    - Monsoons, nice basic shoe (but they have stopped making them in wides), well balanced with great flexibility to point foot.

    - Cyclones, for wide forefoot, seem to have slightly different support then the Monsoons and I felt it in my ankles. Probably felt it due to the structure of my feet. Upper straps on top of the toes can bother some peoples feet (didn't bother mine). Flexible forefoot for pointing.

    - Carmens, also for a wide forefoot, due to the shape of the forefoot sole and box these shoes allow more of your toes to be on the floor (rather than squished together) - feels great to be able to flatten/relax your toes on the floor for better grounding. These shoes are quite stable, they seem to "right" themselves if you don't put the heel down as precisely as some other shoes require (heel bends). They seem to have the same affect as the Cyclones on my ankles. These shoes did not allow me to point my feet well due to the t-strap and build of the top of the shoe.

    - Earthquakes (in wides), have the same forefoot sole as the Carmens (more toes on the floor). Am looking forward to trying these out once my wide Monsoons wear out. Looks like they will have a flexible forefoot for pointing also (strappy top as compared to a more solid top in the carmens).
  13. dance234

    dance234 New Member

    i would say don't go to 3.5 - that's really high and your feet suffer so much already, no reason to push it. it seems like "just" a half inch, but my feet definitely began to have real problems about a year after i went up a half inch to my current heel height. i'm now forced to ration the amount of time i spend dancing in my nice heels, which is difficult to swallow because of the sacrifice in appearance, but my feet can't deal and i want to be able to keep dancing.
  14. Bella

    Bella New Member

    Very helpful latingal, thank you! I wish all brands had "centered heels", confused as to why they don't. I will reach out to the company as soon as I can. I have a feeling that I need to try on the different styles to know whats best for me. Hopefully I'll get that opportunity sooner than later. Maybe at a competition or in the city...

    Thanks again and to everyone as well!
  15. chica latina

    chica latina New Member

    I just received a pair of Ray Rose and was comparing them to my International. Both are 3" heel, but the location of the heel of the Ray Rose makes them not be as high... which is why people have referred as being more balanced.

    I like the dark tan color and the shoe quality, it even feels softer in the sole and the Blizzard are as narrow as my x-narrow international... but I'm still undecided.

    I am used to dance in what International 3" height, if I start using Ray Rose and decide to go back to the others, will that take me time to adjust...

    What is the point of using 3" if doesnt give you more elevation? Will my feet look flat?..

    Is the 3.5" Ray Rose equivalent to 3" International?

    Will give them a try and have lessons on them (see if coaches noticed a good or not as good difference) and will make up my mind.
  16. _malakawa_

    _malakawa_ New Member

    If you aak about a lenght of a heel, yes, 3" is the same for both shoes.
  17. latingal

    latingal Well-Known Member

    I measured the heel on my 3" RR, and the heel height if measured from the side of the shoe down the center of the heel column is 3". So logically you would assume that you are getting 3" added to your actual height (just as any other shoe).

    However I do agree that the structure of the shoes may in some cases create the illusion of slightly less height of the shoe. But in my case I feel that the shoe assists with a nice leg line while being better balanced and flexible than my internationals.

    Just my experience with them....
  18. chica latina

    chica latina New Member

    yes it's 3" but if I put the shoe next to my international... shoe height is not the same.... and was wondering about the leg line... I'll try to see if I can take a picture, but the Ray Rose are not as high as the other ones.
  19. Yanou

    Yanou Member

    I have Carmen and Monsoon. Carmen didn't fit me too well because of its arch shape but I looove Monsoon... well until the straps stretched and the shoes started to feel loose.

    I agree with everyone that the heel structure of RR shoes is so good and I felt much more stable when I first tried them on. I also like the grip of the heel as well.

    With the exchange rate advantage, RR shoes are now a bargain if you buy it from the RR site directly. I'm thinking of ordering another pair and wondering which style I'll go for next.
  20. Ravenmoon

    Ravenmoon New Member

    On the topic of the original question, I tried the Carmens for a couple months and then switched over to the Cyclone. The backs of these models are different and I thought the back for the Carmens was slightly better fitting, at least for me compared to the Cyclones. However, the front of the Carmens caused blisters on my pinky toes, while the Cyclones do not, so I think I can put up the back of the Cyclones so my toes don't suffer.

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