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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by debmc, Dec 12, 2012.

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    So true, if you're lucky enough to have people around you that support you and remind you of the good things about your dancing during the disappointing times, it is much easier.

    Even better? To have your pro participate in the process of goal setting (and evaluation on other factors than just placement) if they are enlightened and willing.

    Pro-am, over the years I have been competing, has dramatically increased in quality and the level of skill in the competitions. You will find many good dancers being left in the semi final rounds at the larger comps now. The quality at these comps speaks well to the diligence of the students and the pros that teach them. Given that, pro-am students need to develop some of the mindsets and attitudes that the pro and am competitors have developed over the years to remain motivated and progressing when there is less chance of "winning".

    Though some pros may not yet understand it as an advantageous thing to develop in their students, they can become a big part in helping a student learn to navigate the disappointment and get back quickly to productive progress and work. It's just one more thing to migrate over from their pro partnerships to part of the experience of pro-am. It's part of the process and good business to boot.
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    definitely there is a complete art to navigating the psycho-social aspects of competition, including disappointments
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    Yes, there is, which is why I started this thread. I thought it might help all of us to share what strategies we use.
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    Completely agree. It is not just about learning how to dance well anymore, it is a total package of dance, performance, presentation, look, attitude and how to navigate all the various competition situations that present themselves.
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    I think it has always been about all those things...but the field is definitely getting stronger and that is awesome...

    as to how to navigate pro is a man of few I can't really look to him for much on this front...I can count on him to work me hard but he is not going to share much of a philosophy or perspective on how to handle defeat .....frankly, I am not sure he has one :)...that being said, I have a general rule about not making decisions within close proximity to what has felt like a bruising...and I often take a break if I know that I am in that space...because I have almost no one locally with whom I could discuss those sorts of struggles...I also think I intellectually know most of what I need to know about how to is just a matter of the hard work of getting there...sometimes it is a light graze and it easy to brush off...sometimes, it takes longer....
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