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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by stash, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. mindputtee

    mindputtee Well-Known Member

    This, then stone the crap out of it in jet!
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  2. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member

    If you have lace on the edge, make sure it covers the edge of the bodice.
  3. Miss Silly

    Miss Silly Well-Known Member

    I agree with the lace comments, and that you should add it :)
  4. Lioness

    Lioness Well-Known Member

    I went with the lace :). i found another v-shaped bit that meant I could fit it all the way around...I think it looked fantastic.
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  5. Miss Silly

    Miss Silly Well-Known Member

    I like it!
  6. scullystwin42

    scullystwin42 Well-Known Member

    Hey all! I FINALLY finished altering that dress to add ruffled circle skirts. There were many stops and starts, but i think it worked. Thanks to everyone who helped out!

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  7. Sania

    Sania Well-Known Member

    Cool! About what did you use for inner and outer radii?
  8. scullystwin42

    scullystwin42 Well-Known Member

    Uh... I will have to measure it out again. I just have the patterns I made! nikkitta and 3wishes helped me out with the kwik-sew book that provided the guide for the pattern. The top skirt was slightly smaller, the bottom slightly larger.
  9. Sania

    Sania Well-Known Member

    Please don't bother - I was just trying to get an overall sense of how it works, but I'm sure it will become clear when I look at the kwiksew info!
  10. middy

    middy Well-Known Member

    Kind of a random question, but has anyone managed to turn a profit by buying a used dress, fixing it up with more stones or alterations, and selling it? Not that I'm interested in doing this, but wondering if it's even feasible. Dress reselling seems like dealing with used cars to me - they just drop in value automatically.
  11. stash

    stash Well-Known Member

    I haven't yet. But I also attribute my dress (and person) very small so it's going to be difficult to sell... Not many tiny people in standard :/
  12. mindputtee

    mindputtee Well-Known Member

    I managed to sell the dress in my avatar (used) at more than it cost me to make. I also bought a dress off the team and then fixed it up and resold it for more, but I got it for a steal so I don't know if that really counts.
  13. Dancing Irishman

    Dancing Irishman Well-Known Member

    I think it's definitely possible, but probably would require a substantial investment of effort and possibly money in learning how localized markets for dress resale work and what "fix ups" are likely to increase the perceived value of a dress versus not.
  14. gilded_lili

    gilded_lili New Member

    I've done this a few times, but mostly with someone else's "made in China" mistakes that they're willing to part with for next to nothing. Usually creative use of appliques and restoning with Swarovski is enough to sell them at a slight profit (just enough to justify the time/labor). And in one case, I had to add two skirts, turning the original skirt into a crinoline layer. That was a labor of love and an exercise in frustration, but the end result paid for a LOT of lessons!

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