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    Come and join some of the biggest names in Salsa
    Waikiki Beach, Honolulu,HAWAII
    Salsa in Paradise
    January 16 - January 23, 2003
    Featuring some of the Best and most requested Salsa Instructors / Performers in the World
    Exciting Names Such As:
    LUIS & JOBY VAZQUEZ with "SALSA BRAVA Dance Company" -- The most well known dance company of the West Coast.
    FRANKIE MARTINEZ & AISHA KOSWARA "Abakua" --The most requested New York dancers today.
    NELSON FLORES & MARIBEL MALDONADO "Descarga Latina" -- One of the top instructors and dance company of New York.
    RENE GUEITS "Salsa Lovers" -- Top Rueda instructors and dance company right out of Miami.
    ROGELIO MORENO director of "Salsabor Y Cache" -- One of the top L.A. Style dancers & companies from the West Coast.
    JANETTE VALENZUELA -- Co-founder of Salsa Brava Dance Company and one of L.A.'s favorite female dancer / instructor.
    SUPER MARIO -- Top instructor from the U.K. known as "the man of a million moves".
    We can't forget those who will supply Salsa music so we can dance till we drop!!!!!!!!
    DJ HENRY KNOWLES -- The BEST SALSA DJ in the world straight from New York.
    DJ DANNY DIAZ -- The DJ that made Boleros an unforgettable night club to remember in LA.
    DJ RAY CRUZ-- One of the pioneers and most popular DJ from Hawaii.
    THE JOHNNY POLANCO BAND -- Known internationally and on the West Coast as the most popular and hardest working Salsa Band from L.A. The band will perform on Saturday night!
    With more surprise talent to be announced!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Salsa in Paradise features:
    Thursday, Jan. 16 "Paradise Pre-Party" at Rumors - one of the most popular local clubs in Hawaii
    Friday (same as Sat., Sun., Mon.) - 3 hours of workshops offered in the morning (10-2 not to early) with a choice of 2-3 instructors.
    Friday afternoon we will move to the pool with "Salsa Pool Games" where we will just have a blast doing silly games with prizes at the pool.
    The evening will begin with music from DJ Ray Cruz to kick off the, "Luau Night" where everyone must come dressed in a Hawaiian outfit. A Hawaiian buffet will be available for purchase as dinner.
    Around 7pm there will be a Polynesian Show with Hula & Fire dancers with audience participation.
    The event will then move to the main Ballroom to dance to a Local Salsa Band (TBA) & DJ Henry & Danny to knock your Salsa shoes off.
    Saturday will be the "Salsa in Paradise Gala Night" . Everyone must come dressed to impress. The night will being at 8pm with the Amateur Contest where there will be some awesome prizes (TBA).
    At 10:30 will be the "Salsa in Paradise Pro Gala Show" with all the top professionals performing the best of the best.
    The evening will feature live music of, "Johnny Polanco Y Su Conjunto Amistad" and DJ Henry and DJRay will play music till we can't dance anymore.
    Sunday will begin in early afternoon with a "Paradise Beach / Park Party" only a few blocks from the Beautiful Waikiki Marriott at Kapiolani Park / Bandstand in cooperation with the popular local city morning program of "Brunch in the Beach".
    All must come dressed in beach wear and be ready to sweat under the beautiful island sun. You will start with Salsa Brava leading a fun for all "Latin Animation" that will include Merengue, Cha Cha Cha, Mambo, Bachata, Latin Pop, and a Salsa line dance. There will be plenty of music to dance to with one of our DJs and many more surprises to come.
    In the evening, back in the main ballroom you will get to see a special treat that you have never seen before. We will have a "Pro Juan & Maria" Contest. So you are probably going what is that? Well in the Swing community they have a competition called Jack & Jill. This is the same thing but of course with our Latin twist of Salsa. All the Female Instructors / Pros (by invite only) will have their names placed in a box and all the male Instructors / Pros (by invite only) will pick a name out of the box. The name they pick out of the box will be their partner. It will be a blast. Watching these Pros rip it up on the dance floor and improvise with someone other than their usual partner. But wait there will be special silly rules that they all must follow.
    Monday you will have the afternoon free to sign up for any of the popular "Hawaii Tours of Pleasant Hawaiian". In the evening we will have our "Post Paradise Party" at Hawaii's beautiful local Planet Hollywood where we can practice what we learned all week. Dinner

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