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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by salilsurendran, Dec 9, 2008.

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    Thanks. Some of the things I am constantly obsessing over!!
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    As early as 1949 I learned the Mambo, the original of Salsa, when it started to be the dance craze in NYC. Fortunately, I had learned the original Puerto Rican syncopated version of the Mambo where the Dancer holds the First Beat with feet together and breaks FWD or BWD with the Left or Right Foot on the Two count, steps In-place on the Three Count, and holds feet together on the Four & One counts.

    MAMBO: Hold Feet together on One, Break FWD on Two, then step In-place on Three, and Hold feet together with weight on step Four for Two beats (Four & One) The Fourth Step is Held For two Quarter notes, without an alternating weight change.

    Of course this is a bit more complicated rhythm, but once you get it going, breaking on Two in Mambo, you will never go back to Salsa breaking on the One Down beat. It takes a couple of hours practice to Convert from Salsa to Mambo so do not try it unless you are an excellent dancer. And any good Salsa dancer will be able to follow you.

    And when dancing in open exhibition postion, with the Four & One Beat taken In-place, you are free to do any fancy footwork you can imagine on those two beats.

    Starting today, August 4, 2009, my One Man Crusade is to bring back the Mambo style of dancing for the more sophisticated dancers.
    There is room for both styles; Mambo & Salsa, just as in Tango or Swing or Waltz.

    I'll give details for the Mambo for any one interested in dancing Mambo in the syncopated ZONE instead of accenting Salsa by breaking FWD on the Down beat.

    Uncle Joe
    The dancer's best friend
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    The style you describe seems to be what's known as "Power2", "Palladium 2", "Ballroom 2", etc. I believe there are already people who dance and teach the style (although it may not be as common as the Eddie Torres style). My on2 teacher in Tokyo used to teach Power2 (which she learned in NY) before she switched to ET2 a few years ago.
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    That energy is most definitely not stored. In fact, extra energy is spent to stop the motion.

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