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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by Paou, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. hopelessly_addicted

    hopelessly_addicted New Member

    I believe has Fransico vasquez's clip as well as Frankie Martinez, Milton Cobo's clips...

    Hope you enjoy them. I love watching Frainke Martinez's 2003 clip...

    Thanks for the link btw Peache! :)
  2. Addicted2Salsa

    Addicted2Salsa New Member

    Hi hopelessly_addicted!

    I like Frankie martinez too :)

    I have seen these clips before and was hoping to see more of Francisco Vasquez and Fernando

    Thanks :p
  3. hopelessly_addicted

    hopelessly_addicted New Member

    well, hopefully others could point u to other clips...
  4. Pas Chat Loupé

    Pas Chat Loupé New Member

    Salut, ça farte ! :D

    :roll: Ok so I'll speak english

    Hi Guys... Ladies,

    First message here, just to present you my baby site :

    Where you will find some french dancers on video... free... downloadable...
    Most from Paris and of course few celebrities

    Enjoy the ride !

    (And there is also a bit of WCS which are starting in France)
  5. yola

    yola New Member

    Welcome, et bienvenue Pas Chat Loupé!
    i'll check out your site
    greetz, Yola
  6. Josh

    Josh Active Member

    If you have ever played the game Street Fighter, you'll recognize these characters in this salsa clip:

    w w

    Pretty awesome!
  7. Addicted2Salsa

    Addicted2Salsa New Member

    Hi Josh,

    I would love to see the clip, but couldn't get it to work.

    I pasted the link into my browser but nothing happened.

    could you please check the link?

  8. yola

    yola New Member

  9. Addicted2Salsa

    Addicted2Salsa New Member

  10. pr

    pr New Member

    Thanks! Really nice! :D
    Welcome to DF Pas Chat Loupé! :banana: :D
  11. azzey

    azzey Member

    Here's a new video gallery I found while hunting the web.

    It contains video clips from these congresses:

    2005 LA Salsa Congress
    2005 Washington DC Salsa Congress
    2005 Las Vegas Salsa Congress

    You MUST login in order to see the video galleries or all you will see is picture galleries. Registration is free and takes a couple of minutes.
  12. Paou

    Paou New Member

  13. marques

    marques New Member

    On my website i have collected a handfull of salsa clips. Some from the Chicago Salsa congress, local salsa dancers showing off and more.

    The most recent addition is a performance I did.
  14. downundersydney

    downundersydney New Member

    Cool clip

    Found this Clip

    Never seen it before. i just started dancing. Think it is L.A style.

    Met the lady who performed in the clip at Sydney Latin Festival during the weekend :)
  15. Slawek

    Slawek New Member

    Re: Cool clip

    Yes it definitely is. I'm not afficionado of LA style but must say that this show was pleasure to watch. Very precise and elaborate.
  16. Matrix

    Matrix New Member

    Re: Cool clip

    wow, perhaps the best Matrix routine as far as the "theme" is concerned... she's very talented and a great performer. He sucks. The dancing sucks. But thanks! :D

    Gee, I need to visit this section a bit more! :)
  17. mambonewb

    mambonewb New Member

    Can someone identify the song in the NY Congress Social Dance 1 & 3 clips, please?

  18. MacMoto

    MacMoto Active Member

    Someone else asked the same question here:

    Answer (from Peach :notworth: ):
  19. africana

    africana New Member

    :lol: funny routine, very Edie-and-Al-ish in style
  20. mambonewb

    mambonewb New Member

    Thanks!! :rocker:

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