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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by NeoDevin, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. mamboqueen

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  2. cy_phi

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    The song has probably been used ad nauseum but Diana Krall's 'Temptation' is as sensual as it gets.

    BTW, for those who went to the Holiday Dance Classic in Las Vegas in December, what was that rumba song Wendy Johnson danced to with Alan Tornsberg, Pasha Pashkov, Jean-Marc Genereux, et al? It's been bugging me since!
  3. and123

    and123 Well-Known Member

    Many of Sade's songs are very sensual. She just has the kind of voice that exudes passion.
  4. rjcbear

    rjcbear New Member

    Good Rumba Music

    I have listing to all the suggestions and they are few that I like. Do you guys have any other suggestion for a nice sensual rumba for a showcase?

    Thank you in advance.
  5. marktheshark

    marktheshark New Member

    The version used in competitions is pants compared to the
    original by Jessica Folker.

    I'll second TE on Son by Four, their rumbas rule (especially
    "Donde esta tu amor" and "Cuando seas mia").

    Other favourites include:
    • Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony - No me ames
    • Proyecto Uno - Cruzando la calle
    • Giselle - Jurame
    • several versions of "Un historia de un amor" (just found out David Hasselhoff has done this song too, OMG!!! :p)
    Btw, has some peculiar song classifications.
    I mean, "Baila Cassanova" a cha-cha?
  6. cornutt

    cornutt Well-Known Member

    Was going through some music I had on my computer last night and I came across K. D. Lang's (actually I guess that would be k d lang :p ) "When We Collide". I'm going to go add this one to my music list.
  7. chachabelle

    chachabelle New Member

    I did a showcase rumba routine to "My All" by Mariah Carey - very slow and sensual. But I'm really liking "Cuando Pienso en Ti" right now by Jose Feliciano.
  8. Some Day

    Some Day New Member

    I love "Dancing in the Rain" by Robi Draco Rosa on his "Mad Love" CD. Lyrics are on the sexier side; very sensual music.
  9. White Chacha

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    I have a hard time seeing it as a rumba after watching Jonathan and Katusha dance to it on the 2004 World Superstars video. I think it might make a good WCS though.
  10. danceislove

    danceislove New Member

    we're doing a routine to Si*Se "Mariposa en Havana" I love it :)
  11. marktheshark

    marktheshark New Member

    George Michael & Mutya Buena - This is not real love

    is a pretty good rumba. Don't like the song so much, but
    the beat is very clear.
  12. SonInDance

    SonInDance New Member

    How about Falling - Alicia Keyes. It is such a slow, beautiful rumba beat. Some think too slow, but her voice builds and you can do some nice rumba routine with the song.
  13. Tigerlilly

    Tigerlilly New Member

    California Dreamin' - Queen Latifah
    Begin the Beguine - Sheryl Crow (beautiful, dark rendition of the Cole Porter song)
    Temptation - Diana Krall (been played a lot, I know, but I still like it)
    Donde Esta Tu Amor - Son by Four
    The Way You Look Tonight - Michael Buble (more romantic than sensual)
  14. bullet

    bullet New Member

    My suggestions for good, sensual rhumbas are:

    1. "Te Esperare" - but I don't know the name of the man who sings it. It is the spanish version of "Right here waiting for you".

    2. "If Tommorow Never Comes"

    3. "Calling" - Geri Halliwell

    4. "Manana De Carnival" - Lusi Migel

    5. "Comme Toi" - Ishtar - this is appropriate for show

    6. "Tavol Mindenkitol" - Fiesta

    7. "Te Juro" - Alejandro Fernandez

    8. "Yo Naci" - Alejandro Fernandez

    9. "Abrazame" - Tamara - this is one of my favourites rhumbas

    10. "Bonga live" - Bonga

    11. "My way" - Klaus Hallen

    12. "You are the only one" - Ivan Mikulic - very good rhumba

    13. "Speak Softly Love" - The Godfather - good for show, I think

    14. "Imagine" - John Lennon

    15. "Somos Novios" - Christina Aguilera& Andrea Bocceli - this rhumba is unique.
  15. marktheshark

    marktheshark New Member

    Hooked on:

    "Now that the love's gone" by Juan Camus

    (Miami Latin - The Best of Latin Music Vol. 23)
  16. Nik

    Nik Member

    How about that rumba "Temptation"

    Anyone know where I could find it or anyone have it?
  17. Kitty

    Kitty New Member

    the one that was Jonathan and Katusha's Foxtrot Showdance?
  18. Nik

    Nik Member

    Nevermind, I need to read more.
  19. alemana

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  20. Kitty

    Kitty New Member

    I just can't believe you could rumba to that song!
    seems like the same song we are talking about - by Diana Kroll

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