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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by fascination, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. cornutt

    cornutt Well-Known Member

    Ah, I see. I guess I'm used to it -- over the years I've done a lot of travel for work, and I'm nearly always travelling by myself.
  2. latingal

    latingal Moderator Staff Member

    My preference? Rooming alone at a comp before competing. After comp day, I'm okay to share if need be. For amateur competitions I will share with my am partner.

    Have I ever shared a room with my pro? No. Would I share a room with my pro? It depends on the pro. With my current pro, I would certainly do it in a pinch if need be, I wouldn't mind - I'd be more worried he'd be uncomfortable.
  3. Dancing Irishman

    Dancing Irishman Well-Known Member

    I have been that obnoxiously chipper fellow in the morning...I think my old partner fixed it by having me help with her hair...hard to talk when you're holding bobby pins in your teeth.

    Like most other collegiate/recent grad competitors, I feel weird when I'm not sharing a room (only done it for work, never for a comp)...I'm still on a relatively frugal budget, so I will definitely try to find roommates for any future comps I attend.
  4. JudeMorrigan

    JudeMorrigan Well-Known Member

    So long as it's with people I know reasonably well, I'd generally just as soon room with other people. While having my own room is nice, keeping the cost of the room down is a higher priority. This is particularly true since it makes it much easier for me to justify the cost of staying at the comp hotel. The convenience of *that* FAR outweighs the convenience factor of having my own room.
  5. Lyra

    Lyra Active Member

    No....couldn't do it. And believe me, in the days when I used to compete you would not have wanted to share a room with me. I tend to expand to fill the space available (well my dresses and accessories do anyway! :)) and I very much "go into myself" so I'm liable to snap and not good company.
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  6. stash

    stash Well-Known Member

    I have experienced both, but at totally different venues. For ballroom competitions I am always share a hotel room, or floor space, as it saves our club money. However, I have only shared a room with DBF at west coast events. It is nice as we don't have to worry about waking people up as we stumble back to our rooms at 5am in the morning, or worry about being woken up early. I would love to have a room to myself while competing, or only shared with one other person. That would make getting ready sooo much easier.
  7. Janson

    Janson Active Member

    On our University team we shared rooms - but only the amount of people that there were beds for. I think I'd get a frosty response if I suggest six people bunk into a two person room. It was absolutely fine, mainly because we all know each other and are arriving and leaving at the same time together.

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