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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by pygmalion, Feb 15, 2004.

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    I check in now and again. I have behaved very badly here in the past, for which I very sincerely apologize. I am on self-imposed probation, trying to do what I can to make myself worthy of the company here. (and now I just saw that the message I'm replying to was from the summer of 2009, so color me with a fish-hook firmly set in my lip -- refer to the end of Wayne's World if necessary).

    But it is true that talking about dancing is pretty much passé for me, but mainly because I don't really have much to contribute anymore. I still go to dance classes, though mainly it's for building up the skills and as my nearly sole social life (in addition, a friend I had met in Lindy about half a decade ago comes over on Sundays for us to share watching our TV shows together, though she recently surprised me with her interest to watch Doctor Who -- behave yourselves! Any talk of intimacy will only piss her off greatly). All I have from dance is a quasi-life-style, the discussion of which I could not contribute much, but which is part of what still helps to keep me going.
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    D. I think you greatly underestimate your ability to contribute positive things to this community. No need to go looking for hair shirts or fishhooks. I totally do not get the Wayne's World reference, btw. It makes my sentence sound balanced though, so what the heck. Why not risk sounding ignorant on the indelible internet? I like to live dangerously. I saw Wayne's World only once, in the theater, a billion (or was it twenty?) years ago. *wink*

    Funny you should mention Dr. Who. I was at Barnes and Noble over the weekend when I saw a lady passerby who was wearing a t-shirt that said something about time lords. I stopped my aimless browsing, got up, caught up with her, and we had the most lovely conversation about Doctors through the years.

    Some geeky habits never die. I consider this a good thing. Others may differ. *giggle*
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    As I recall, at the end of the first movie (the second one played heavily on "The Graduate", which the 11th Doctor also plays on with River Song, introducing her to President Nixon as "Mrs Robinson" ("I really hate you!") and when she regenerates later/earlier/wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey from Amy's childhood friend in Let's Kill Hitler! and the newly regenerated River immediately strikes Anne Bancroft's classic pose and says "Hello, Benjamin!"), they depicted Wayne's basement as exploding, leaving the entire house in flaming ruins, with Wayne carrying a dead Garth in his tearful arms, only for them to then do a "gotcha!" symbolized by their inserting an index finger into the corner of their mouth to indicate a fishing hook embedding itself there. Re-watch the end of the first Wayne's World movie for that reference.

    Two funny Doctor Who references.

    When I was eligible to register to vote, I was in college during the Nixon administration. I had grown up in the most Republican region of California in what I would assume was a solidly Republican family, so I registered as a Democrat. Ironically, President Obama is very likely far more to the right than Nixon was. Needless to say, the rest of my family (and my ex's family as well; one of her brothers-in-law is a PhD who has written far-right books) would be considered Republican. My eldest sister's husband, a life-long Republican and retired for a number of years, once shared with us that he had realized that the Republicans are not his friends (ie, friends of the retired). Just a few weeks ago, he was taken completely by surprise when I stated that I had voted for President Obama -- a year before, as a retiring Chief Petty Officer in the Navy Reserve, I received a certificate from President Obama commemorating my years of service and my Captain (O-6, equivalent to an Army bird-colonel) appeared both surprised and pleased that I was happy that that certificate had not been signed by Bush.

    At least the adventures of the Fourth Doctor had been revealed to the USA public via PBS. My brother-in-law had started watching the Doctor at that point and onwards and has watched at least some of revived series on BBCAmerica. We have only shared a little so far, including his remembering the actress playing Dr. River Song from ER, which I have never watched.

    My own experience has been with the revived series, circa 2005, with the 9th Doctor on. My friend has mostly been interested in the 11th Doctor, but I hope to be able to lead her through the 9th and 10th Doctors as well; the 9th may have been questionable, but the 10th was truly worthy, though lacking only for lack of Amy Pond.

    Actually, my friend's interest in the Doctor, very extremely late in the show, is the second funny reference, though I no longer remember why it was funny.

    She had seen some of the 11th Doctor specials to whet her appetite. And quite accidentally, the first episode I showed her was Blink, which coindicentially a later "Timey-Wimey" special said was the best first episode to show a new-comer; I still watch it myself on NetFlix as a true classic.

    Now for a funny coincidence about your encounter with that "Time Lords" t-shirt. It had to have been more than 20 years ago. My ex had made a Next Generation uniform costume for our first son when he was maybe around 8. At Brentano's bookstore in South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA, I saw a young woman wearing a TNG comm badge. Unfortunately, she told me that it was a special badge from the TV show, but shortly thereafter through a fan site (New Eye Studio, which had lots of Fourth Doctor stuff) we were able to obtain a comm badge for him.
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    all political commentary aside, I never framed your past behavior here as poor...I saw it through the lens of your having gone through multiple serous personal traumas which had left you ...not your best they would have for is nice to see you
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    Yoohoo! I'm here :)
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    Hi FD! *waves*
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    Hi pygmalion! I missed you too!

    This year I got a new job (Which is better, but has a soul sucking commute), got married, moved, etc. You know, just a few moderate life changes. ;)

    So I haven't really been around much to post. But thanks for thinking of me. :)
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    Edit: oops double post.
  9. pygmalion

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    Wow. Sounds like a doozy of a year (in a good way :) ) It's great to see you, Sub!
  10. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    I wonder how sambanada and her little one are. :)
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    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Has anybody heard from or seen dgarstang, here or IRL? I hope he is well. Would also like an update on his transition from AM to dancing in the larger community.

    D, if you're lurking, please check in. :)

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