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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by Lucretia, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. Lucretia

    Lucretia New Member

    Yes, I finally got it!

    The recording of Sonido Bestial you can hear in
    (the wonderful clip from Salsacongress at Los Angeles 2004)- I bought a second hand copy with help of Amazone. only took 10 days to deliver. A very good price as well.

    But my recording is about 7 minutes long and the dance in the clip is about 10 minutes. Perhaps there has been a creativ DJ who has remixed the song or perhaps there are still more recordings. I don't know. (My recording is made by Orquesta Experimental.)

    My question is - have anyone of you any other recording of this song?
    How long is it?
    Do they also have a classical piano concert "embedded" and the James Bond theme?
    Does any one know the name of the piano consert?

    I'll go for a salsaweekend tomorrow morning. But comes back as quick as possible.

  2. Lucretia

    Lucretia New Member

    With help of my new Spanish-Swedish dictionary I found out that Sonido Bestial means "sounds of beasts" or perhaps "bestial sounds" ..or perhaps some other more sensual translation of beast is more correct.

    Can any one help with a suitable translation?

  3. Rosa

    Rosa New Member

    'Bestial' in Spanish also means, colloquially, 'great', 'fantastic' or 'super'.
    So 'Sonido Bestial', in a free translation, would become 'Great Sounds!' 8)

    That's only in Spain, mind you. Not sure about Latin American usage.

    Rosa :)
  4. TICA

    TICA New Member

    that's the Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz song, you're talking about right? the one that the L.A. Congress closes with at 4 am on Sunday night every year. Very powerful song. I'll try to sing it to myself and type down a translation for you. Gimme a bit.
  5. TICA

    TICA New Member

    Well, I can't remember the entire thing, just parts of it.. and my CD with the song on it is at home :roll: so... let's see what I can tell you.

    Sonido Bestial by the way is something like 'Wild Sound' implying a huge sound.

    It begins something like this

    "Tu que decias, que ya no servia,
    Tu que decias, que ya no sabias,
    ahora mismito mi hermano
    yo te vengo a saludar.
    Escucha Escucha

    Oye sonar las trompetas
    oye no puedo soltar
    Ricardo viene de frente
    con su sonido bestial...."

    which translates roughly into:

    "You that were saying that it doesn't work anymore
    You that were saying that you didn't know anymore
    right now my brother I've come to see you.
    Listen Listen

    Listen to the trumpets sound
    I can't let go
    Ricardo comes first
    with his wild sound..."

    [Ricardo... refers to Richie Ray, who along with Bobby owns this song]

    Then later on in the song it goes:

    "Ahi viene Richie... viene como bestia tocando el tumba'o"

    "Here comes Richie ....he is like a beast playing the tumba'o" [again Richie Ray]

    and so on... I dont know if it makes any sense..
  6. TICA

    TICA New Member

  7. pelao

    pelao New Member

    Buy a cd comp of all of Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz greatist hits. You won't be disappointed. You'll have some heavy tunes to dance to. I personally interpret the phrase 'sonido bestial' (bestial sound), as basically saying its a crazy heavy sound you are NOT ready for!!!
  8. msjanemas

    msjanemas New Member

    You are correct Rosa. They basically wanted to have a double meaning "Doble Sentido". Animalistic "Strong powerful" Sound.
  9. alvaro

    alvaro New Member

    "bestial" is used to sort of mean "great" ... but "great" falls really short. I don't know how to translate that word "bestial". If you say that something is "bestial" then it is great, oozing uncotrollable energy, wild ... it also says a lot about the speaker's state of mind since you can't really say "bestial" in a calm voice: using that word demands excitement and energy from the speaker...
    Maybe --the first times you hear it-- it sounds like a metaphor and you will imagine a wild beast in action or it's spirit 'possessing' those involved ... but it is used a lot so it will soon start to be (for you) an adjective, and a very powerfull one at that.

    at least thats the way it used to be when i grew up... (not in PR, though)
  10. Rosa

    Rosa New Member

    Hi alvaro,

    Thanks, what you say makes sense. Hispanic people are always more passionate than us Brits! Though I translated it correctly, I chickened out and didn't go far enough.

    Your translation is much more evocative than mine! And your metaphor is SO right. :D

    Rosa :)
  11. Lucretia

    Lucretia New Member

    Thank for your answers....
    I really like your attempts to translate the words. I feel like your translation is close to the music and this song in particular.

    (I'm at work and cannot write long. I come back later)

    I have forgotten that CD at will I survive?

  12. b.b.

    b.b. New Member

    To me it sounds like one of the Chopin's works. I may have it on a CD, I'll check later. I'll let you know what it's called if I have it.
  13. Lucretia

    Lucretia New Member

    It seems to be recorded by the Maestros themselves. After some work with the Spanish dictionary and a quick glanze at Amazone it seems like I misinterpret the Spanish CD wrapping.

    I agree with you - I love the whole CD!
    They play with such a wonderful joy and happiness! And it is Heavy & Best(ial) :D

    TICA - thanks for your text. I have already mailed it to friend who is quite as much in love in this song as I am. (S)he was very very happy and so am I! Thank you!

    Now it is carioke time ( :wink: :lol: )

  14. TICA

    TICA New Member

    Your welcome. This song is very special to me. As ridiculous as it may sound I get all emotional when I hear it because I immediately translate it into the end of Congress.

    Albert Torres always ends the L.A. Congress with that song...a long line of men on one side, and women on another creating a tunnel through which the couples dance one after another until the song is over. Once you associate it with that... the song is kinda a bittersweet way though... heh
  15. Lucretia

    Lucretia New Member

    Yes....I wish I could be there some time in the future. And it is NOT ridiculous. I have a lot of emotions to connected to this song as well. And I have only seen the videocut. :wink: :D

  16. TICA

    TICA New Member

    hope to see you the Congress soon then Lucrecia... you already found a tour guide :wink:

    my buddies from Norway come in a regular basis... you should jump on their bandwagon!
  17. Lucretia

    Lucretia New Member

    Lets hope I can solve a few problems first ...(spelled m o n e y)
    I'll be in touch whenever it happens :D

  18. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Well, then...Wishing you the best. :cheers:
  19. pr

    pr New Member

    It's a piece of Chopin as b.b. suggested. Actually it's a solo piano piece from "12 Etudes op. 10". It has number 12 and is played in c minor: "Allegro con fuoco". (It is 2m37s long on the CD I have.)
  20. Lucretia

    Lucretia New Member

    Thanks PR!


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