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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by Lucretia, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. Josh

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    Ditto! :-D :-D

    I finally got my "el Bestial Sonido de..." CD by Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz in the mail from descarga today. I had a dream last night about getting it in the mail and telling my friends "no, you don't understand--I ordered it like a month ago, and it's still good enough to be worth the wait!" And it was waiting for me at work this morning when I arrived!!! ... Listening to Sonido Bestial brought chills, a long lasting furrowed brow from the sheer texture of the music, and I felt like I was floating as I listened to it. It was surreal just listening to the album version all the way through the first time (on a good set of headphones so I could really hear the music). Wow. Whew, ok.

    So Lucretia, this is a year past when you wrote this, but in case you're still wondering... yes, it seems to be the version I mentioned above that is on the video (Richie/Bobby). I just downloaded the Orquesta Experimental version you have from iTunes--not to knock that version, but there is no comparison--get Richie & Bobby's version!!! Bobby's voice just blows away the guy in the other version. And yes the video version seems to have been edited. It seems like the place with the piano run is repeated several times (about 20x8 in the video versus 8x8 in Richie/Bobby's version), plus a few other edits (like the first trumpet sound on the video which occurs more often than in the album version). Maybe I can get creative in my wav editor...? :wink:
  2. Lucretia

    Lucretia New Member

    Glad you got it - Finally!

    I love that song. Last week a DJ played it at a club. Everyone danced like madmans - and so did I :banana:

    But I think it is the original artists at my CD as well. The singer must be Bobby....perhaps with other people at the instruments I have heard one other recording with Bobby and it was very very similar. Perhaps exact the same.

    I have found 3-4 different albums with that song on the web but only heard two of them.

  3. salsalawyer

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    Awesome song!!

    Other good ones "Adjuste" and "La Zafra"
  4. Salcero

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    I downloaded this from ITunes many moons ago so its on there too. Its a decent cut.
  5. Salcero

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    Here is the vid if you wanna see how they performed the song
  6. Beto

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    That is one SWEET clip, Salcero! Thanks for posting it!! :D
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    Josh....The difference in the video was the DJ extending the song ("cutting it up"). He repeated that portion of the song in order to make it longer.

    Incidentally this is how House and Hip-Hop were created. The DJ noticed that ceratin portion of the song drove the crowd crazy so he would mix and repeat the "break."
  8. double_R

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    All of the lyrical content points squarely to Richie Ray as being responsible for delivering such a quality sound. So despite the implication of the title, the song is specifically an ode or tribute to Richie Ray's talent as a monster pianist...

  9. Lucretia

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    Thanks Double R!
    I'm still crasy about that song.....and now they have started to play it at the clubscene in my town. But there isn't many that can cope with that fast beat. :)

  10. ash88

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    I'm surprised no-one has mentioned that you can listen to it in full, for free, excellent quality, at the website of bobby cruz.

    Look under music.
  11. Josh

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    ick!! ash, this is a very different version than the one we're talking about... the one on the web site is even a live version.. it has a totally different dynamic, not nearly the same crispness, and the vocals are almost flat compared with the album version. the best (IMO) version of this song is on the "el bestial sonido de..." album (at least, that's the version played at the congress on the video posted above). this album was (I believe) one of the fania rereleased albums, so it should be available rather freely.

    but, that being said, for a quick fix, i guess this version would do. :wink:
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