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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by musicbrain, Sep 18, 2012.

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    The bias is the important part because it can be stretched out. Those floats there are of a light material, called "satin chiffon" by Chrisanne that is semi transparent.
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    Bias tape?
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    floats made out of bias tape? :p
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    You were talking about ribbons...
  6. Hi all
    Here is my latest dress which has a removable skirt. The other skirt is an 18" antique gold fringe 4 yards wrapped about the waist sorry I don't have a picture of it. The guy is my dance teacher. Anyway my latest thing is I want to put satin ribbon on to the bottom of a dance skirt. This video (go to YouTube and type in How to Use a Bias Tape Maker for Binding on a Quilt) show you how to make your own. Has anyone ever done this with stretch satin then added it to the bottom of spandex or stretch mesh?
  7. So I have made a few dresses now. The first few like the one in my profile picture is from when I was 25 pounds heavier (dancing helped with that!). I am wondering if any of you know where to sell your hand-made dance dresses?
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    I have put mine up on facebook and gotten a few bites (sold one that way), I've put others up in the local studio (sold another that way). It will really come down to the quality. Hand-made is a very wide range, if it is well finished inside and looks professionally done, you may get some bites from studio hanging. Price also matters, set it low enough and you might also get bites from poor college students in want of a costume but not able to pay professional prices.
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    Plus the ad section here on DF, of course!
  10. I saw the ad section on DF but it said something about not being a new member and that the first post would be deleted anyway so I wasn't sure. My Fred Astaire studio will not let me sew dresses for other people or sell the dresses I make in the studio. They have a Dress4Dance contract so that our professionals get their costumes for free.
  11. Oh and here is that fringe skirt that I was talking about above that is removable. Danceathon14-2.jpg Danceathon14-1.jpg
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    It would probably be worth contacting a moderator through "messages to staff" to verify whether you'd be allowed to post an ad. I know the reason for the rule is so people can't join DF just for the purpose of free advertising. It doesn't seem to me that that's what you've done, but I'm not a mod, so I don't have a say in the matter. Wouldn't hurt to ask, though.
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    I'm thinking about making a new gown, but this thread seems most relevant to my questions, so I'm posting here :)


    1. Is Chrisanne luxury crepe = matte lycra? Suitable for the body of the dress?
    2. Does anyone know the weight of the Chrisanne luxury crepe????
    3. Does anyone have experience of shipping costs to the US for Chrisanne?

    (I tried to order a Chrisanne Club but was told they were out and would not have any more till the end of the year.)


    I would like to be able to wear the gown for showcases incorporating side by side work and also for competition in standard.

    1. Has anyone done the separate pull-on underskirt for a combination smooth /standard gown? How did that work out on the floor?

    2. What is the most current skirt width / diameter at the bottom of the skirt? 1 circle? 1.5 circles? I am planning to make a paneled gown but want to get the width right, so that it will look good "in today's dancing" as Kathryn used to say.

    3. If the outer layer is matte lycra (thinking 2 satin godet type inserts – asymmetrical, one front one back, similar to what musicbrain did) – how many layers of chiffon or organza underskirt would be needed for a current look? How should the edges be finished: Should all skirts be ruffled with flounce ruffles, ruffled edges with fishing line, crinoline, or some combination thereof?

    Thanks so much!

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    1. Chrisanne Luxury Crepe is a lighter, more stretchy matte crepe. It is a lovely soft fabric and would be suitable for the body of a dress.

    2. Physical weight, I do not know. It is less g/m^2 than a traditional lycra, but definitely opaque and heavier than a chiffon. It is pretty comparable to a stretch charmeuse in weight, though not shiny and far stretchier.

    3. 8 of the 10 (or is it 11 now?) gowns I have made are made with Chrisanne fabrics. They are wondrous to work with. Shipping will typically run you between $30 and $50 for a package though if it is going to contain a full dress's worth of materials.

    1. My blue and green standard dress (can see pics on my blog) has a separate organza underskirt. I intended to sew snaps into it but never got around to it and so I am ashamed to admit that a year later it is still safety pinned to the underskirt. One of the other dresses I made for a client has a snap in underskirt of two layers of organza trimmed with crinoline (I think 1.5 circles each, but it's been a while) and she has never complained about it. The top layer of skirt is stretch satin and looks lovely on its own in smooth.

    2. For a smooth gown (for side by side work) I'd recommend a 1.5 circle top layer skirt.

    3. For a standard underskirt I would go with either a one layer 4-circle underskirt or a two layer 2-circle underskirt. Many top gowns have far more than this, but this will look good in today's dancing and tomorrow's. Today's giant puffy tulle skirts will not last long, this will be classic. I would do more than 2 godets, at least 4. Her dress already had a lot of fullness to it. The Chrisanne luxury crepe is still a weighty fabric and will not fluff up easily, by adding another fabric in the godets you will get more movement.

    Edge finishing depends a lot on the overall design you are going for. One of my dresses has a simple stretch satin 1.5 circle skirt with a crinoline hem. One (blue and green mermaid) has a crinoline trimmed organza underskirt, a fishing line trimmed chiffon underskirt, and the top skirt a chiffon panel with 3 flounces and a gathered ruffle hem. I personally don't care for the fishing line hem on its own (it works here because it is hidden under other layers and just adds fullness and texture), I think it looks dated. I prefer a crinoline trim, either visible (can be contrasting or accent color!) or turned under. I feel like it gives it a nicer, more even fullness to the edge.
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    Ok so I'm trying to decide on a bodice/waist/skirt attachment line for remaking my standard dress...any ideas?

    Tossing up between these two.

    9cb5c3c13e7638e826ede045d91d5937.jpg f933480d83b3a6cd42c916d9450345f6.jpg

    The one with godets seems much simpler (because diagonal maths is hard), but OTOH I really like the nonstandard cut of the diagonal one. I'm planning on maybe making a couple of practise skirts in each style to see what I like better...any insights into what would have better movement/body on the floor?

    And speaking of practise skirts...I found some material at my local shop that's perfect...but it's $14.00 a metre. It's "polyester spandex", which tells me absolutely nothing and really isn't helpful in finding it online. Any ideas what a normal practise skirt would be made of? And roughly how much fabric would you need? (mostly for the godet skirt...the diagonal one is pretty much just a wonky circle skirt, yeah?)

    Aaaand how big do you guys usually make your godets? Full half circle, or something smaller?
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    I like the diagonal look personally, but also agree diagonal maths are hard, and that's why I haven't made a diagonal skirt yet.

    I believe the fabric is called "dance crepe" "matte jersey" and other things. Matte jersey seems to the be general term though. For a full godet skirt, I usually use about 5 yards/meters, though it depends on how full you are making it, and where you are starting your flare from (ie, below the hips, at the hips, lower?). The higher you start the flare, the more material you need (because your godets will be longer and bigger.
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    I've had a couple of samples of matte jersey from online shops...they mostly seem to be quite a loose's really easy to see the weave of the fabric, and it's not really what I see most practicewear looking like.

    I'll have a look for dance crepe, though that may be just a chrissanne thing? I've got my eye on a couple of eBay items that seem right, and they're cheaper than getting samples shipped from the US.

    I'll aim for 5m, then. Can always use the excess, if there is any, for something.

    How big (width) do you usually make godets?
  18. mindputtee

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    Mine are usually quarter circles with a radius of about 20-22 inches.
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  19. Where is your blog mindputtee?
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    There's a link in her signature! :)

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