Taking Ballroom to the Bedroom

Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by rbazsz, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. toothlesstiger

    toothlesstiger Well-Known Member

    Gee, RB, where did you ever get the idea that it's normal for a woman to proposition a man in any context, dance or otherwise? I mean, it does happen, but it is much, much more common the other way around. And even when it does happen, it's not happening to Joe Average.
    Don't you think they might think the same way?
    My last few relationships started on the dance floor. But I got to know the ladies off the dance floor, we went for dinner, I invited them to go dancing other places, I chased them, not the other way around.
  2. Larinda McRaven

    Larinda McRaven Site Moderator Staff Member

    you..have..no..CLUE..... what you are talking about.
  3. wooh

    wooh Well-Known Member

    A link to something you might find more effective than dance for your goals:
    http:// tinyurl.com/yc3eefc
  4. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    um...no...that is not what I said...
  5. leee

    leee Well-Known Member

    In the spirit of bluntness, you could simply ask them in so many words.
  6. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    Thank you for saying it--I was debating how un-PC it would be to say "I don't pursue." Men are not such a rare commodity most women have to go propositioning dance partners. If all you do is dance, and all you talk about is dance, and you never ask them to do anything except dance, most women are going to assume you just want to dance.
  7. DL

    DL Well-Known Member

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but some might be available and straight and adequately attractive, but "just not that into you." It works both ways. When I stop to think about it, sometimes I'm amazed that anybody finds anybody (but then again, for some folks, "anybody" will do).
  8. DL

    DL Well-Known Member

    This matches my own observations/experience. :) Also, of the women I've encountered who have seemed to be looking, not all have seemed to be looking at me, and not all have sparked my own interest.

    Still, romance can grow on the dance floor -- just like it can grow anywhere else.
  9. toothlesstiger

    toothlesstiger Well-Known Member

    It's weird, I'm having flashbacks of SNL Czech Brothers skits...
  10. DL

    DL Well-Known Member

    "Wild and crazy guys"?

  11. madmaximus

    madmaximus Well-Known Member

    Even the ancient Greeks understood
    the often-never-learned-lesson
    that to love, one must be lovable;
    to be lusted after, one must be lust-worthy;

    and the universal irony of it all:
    that looking like one who is in desperate search of either,
    will seldom---if ever---find it.

    Look to yourself---and not your dancing---and there you might find the answer you don't want to hear.

  12. toothlesstiger

    toothlesstiger Well-Known Member

    One other thing comes to mind...
    People who learn partner dancing for the specific purpose of finding, uh, romance, often could use some lessons in seduction. Otherwise they wouldn't need to turn to partner dance, any old place with people will do.
    I said I did the chasing in all my relationships that started on the dance floor. That being said, I have gotten some really weird come-ons in my time. And no, I'm not telling, just in case any of the perpetrators are on this forum.
    The moral of this story: being a good dancer doesn't give you a pass on social graces.
  13. leee

    leee Well-Known Member

    So you're saying he should just ask women directly?
  14. toothlesstiger

    toothlesstiger Well-Known Member

    No, I'm saying that social skills are still required, even with people that seem to enjoy dancing with you.
  15. DL

    DL Well-Known Member

    Well, or perhaps some time in a long-term dance partnership could yield some good experience with relationships.

    (In my heart I keep wanting to look at this thread as being about something other than casual sex.)
  16. toothlesstiger

    toothlesstiger Well-Known Member

    Ah, DL, such a hopeful person. ;-)
  17. DL

    DL Well-Known Member

    Well, better hopeful than hopeless, I guess.
  18. toothlesstiger

    toothlesstiger Well-Known Member

  19. DL

    DL Well-Known Member

    I didn't intend that to be a pointed comment. All I meant was that "hopeful" seems better than any of its alternatives that I can see.
  20. toothlesstiger

    toothlesstiger Well-Known Member

    hehe, I knew that, it was more fun to read it otherwise. ;-)
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